There has been an incredible flurry of activity and overwhelming response from those who are not only willing, but eager to be part of the Earth Delegation to the Intergalactic Council.What has started out as something really sweet has taken on the energy of something between a fire sale and a typhoon.

I would like to go back to the original conversation Steve Beckow, an incredible lightholder, had with Grener of Ashira of Neptune on Monday night, Jan. 30th on “An Hour with an Angel.” The request was for a small group of 20 people to come and act as emissaries for Earth, and to begin the process of disclosure. Grener enthusiastically welcomed the idea and indicated those chosen would be those with credibility and a comfort in dealing with the media, and ensuing fallout that is bound to take place after such a revelation.

Those who would not come to this initial “joy ride” would be those under the age of majority, those who had any inclination to stay on board and not return, and those who could not arrange the time for such an extended tour – 10 days in human time.
Steve and I have felt joy and amazement at the numbers of people who have stepped forward, who have had a deep connection to our star brothers and sisters, and a deep heart-longing to see and be with them again. But some pushing and shoving in the line has started. I understand this because you are so darned eager to go – I get it!

Unfortunately, the announcement of the trip has also spurred a vigorous and somewhat negative and hurtful debate which is taking place both publicly and privately on the reality of Grener’s offer and “what if.” What has started off as a really loving exercise is devolving into a little bit of a pissing contest.
Steve Beckow is a man of incredible integrity. He has offered his energies and life freely to bring information, lively discussion and a platform of understanding to the world. He is beyond question one of the most ethical people on the planet and seeks only to bring truth forward.

Like Steve, I have committed my life – the past 30 years – to serving the Light and the Council of Love. I know who I listen to, and taking my marching orders from. I have prayed and prayed for this day when people would wake up and step forward to claim their rightful place as way-showers, healers and teachers of love. So, since when was love rude? Since when is attack part of how we operate?

I have channeled and loved my brothers and sisters of the stars for close to 30 years. I have channeled Grener for about 20 years. He is a commander and diplomat; he has guided Earth’s initiation into the Intergalactic Council. He is solid, responsible and reliable. And he is a dear dear friend. I have been on board the ship many times and I am not delusional, just private. I don’t share all of my experiences on Facebook and Twitter. There are some things you hold close to your heart. What I always share are the channeled messages of hope and love because that’s the entire point of the journey – that is why each of us is here.

The star beings, Archangel Michael, the Council of Love, and I’m sure many other sources, have consistently said the star beings would not come in fear – that if there was fear on the planet, and if knowledge of the presence created anything less than love and peace, then they would not come. But what also holds true is the reverse – they are not going to create a situation that causes division, tension, and separation between the lightworker community. They don’t want to create any sense of separation, anger, disappointment – or any of the lesser vibrations of Old Earth. That just reinforces the old from which we are ascending.

So what are we doing? Where is this nastiness coming from? What is the problem? And it hurts me to even pose these questions. I will be chatting with Grener later today, as will Steve. We will let you know the information that is being shared and how this mayhem is being viewed.

Stop for a moment with me. What is the worst thing that could happen if this “joy ride” to the mother ship the Neptune doesn’t happen on Saturday? What is the worse-case scenario if the Earth delegation doesn’t get to go? The worst thing that can happen is that we, as a lightholder and lightworker community, have come together and recognized just how eager and ready we are to step forward. That is incredible!

And what you also need to know, if by some extreme chance, this is put on hold or canceled because of the chaos it’s creating, is not that it won’t happen, it just won’t happen this Saturday. But it will happen. So let’s pull up that trust