One example of the many comments sent to us about the astonishing invitation by Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of the Intergalactic Council, to visit his ship and the varied discussions it has created…

“Many of us have relied on mediator skills, sincere clarity of heart, to bring about peace in diverse circumstances. Only that sincere effort brings long term results, and acting on that is courageous at each step, demonstrates great love. You have done this. YOU have. Perhaps it is humanity in this time, feet in the 3rd, legs in the back and forth of the 4th, and heart in the 5th or higher, that are having difficulty navigating on a “bicycle”.

The Arganthans have stated that it will be some time before the disquiet of our minds could be stilled certainly enough, our collective focus for them to appear to us or be with us. We would be so painful to them. Perhaps the healings are needed to be done progessively, rather than all at one session in the proper progression to seal in the healings and then people will be ready to go. I felt disappointed with myself that I was not prepared properly for this trip this time. If we are NOT the participants this time, we have been given ALL the assistance to be the next ones by traveling at nite to the healing ships, by having “unaware” astral emotional work cleared so that the effective changes are conscious and we do not spoil the collective of the brothers and sisters and their families anticipations.

We need not blame ourselves because we are integrating many lifetimes during this shift to go with the ascension. I know that you have a strong public media presence and following. I know Steve does. Wow. What courage to inspire action. And action has been taken. I differ to the Counsel for the wisdom to hold control of the experience aboard the ships as it is their home. If you were entering the tepee of the Holy Man, you would sage yourself first, you would come when invited, you would experience honor, and humility and prepare to learn what you did not in all likelyhood EXPECT.

I feel that we are now having our skills honed, and our awareness of ONE broadened. I appreciate this lesson and it leaves me with wonder, etched firmly about what I do not know though I am happy for the building blocks that opened up my view, I see that what will be in our secret awareness, has so much more meaning than we now can see. The Council is lead to gift us with the skills to be part of an intergalactic community of trade and commerce AND knowledge.

In grade school in the fifties, a fella named Al Bell used to give a yearly slide show of his travels around the world. I wasn’t very big but I always wondered what he left out, and if this wasn’t just HIS view. If I could travel into his slides, would I see the same things, smell the same things, hear the same things, want to know more. Some places he went made me wonder if he wasn’t digging around for the content to make it worth while, or like going to Church the last time I went, I promised myself the next time I was going in a bright orange hard hat from my garage.

We probably all, even lightworkers, have hard hats on part of the time. I’m going to listen again to what I really needed to HEAR from Grener. You transcribed that Grener and the Hathors are not as tall or broad as WE are, however the truth is the opposite so I think the word ‘You’re’ should have been ‘We’re’.

Hathors are more normally 12 ft or more evn 18 ft tall, refer to Also some of the tall doorways in the temples of Egypt. But I haven’t seen what I know as a Hathor. Some of the beings I have seen are quite tall and my own higher overlighting, is so tall that without a millisecond of hesitation, NONE, this light form bows to Sananda, with complete solar plexus or more receding into the floor where my own feet are.

So I expect more, really tall brothers and sisters than short and I think Grener would amaze you. Oops?? They don’t want us to come and feel small or unequal, THEY wish to be able to SHARE the JOY with us, and to have a happy enduring interaction. A growth experience for all since it has been a very long time.

Were we all really prepared to GIVE our best attention to THAT? Some action to explore. Is my dear animal companion, and I have many, the focus of the trip for me for them, is my whole family the focus? No. And if we came back from the trip, would the new and improved body be our witness? Is that the idea?

Lots of questions would occur from that and make that the motivations for many rather than the center of it all, greeting our star brothers and sisters for the first time in thousands of years, and sharing that awareness as ONE as far as we can.

I got awfully excited too, REALLY excited for you all and I am still thinking about the purpose and the expression of the invitation and Host of these people and all the work they have done to be ready for it. I was then returned to the instructions to use the Halion Midnite Blue and gold to hold the light and the portal for this venture.

Is our tenacity and busy life available to hold it and bring so many through at all these different times and schedules? I was good for about 7 min and in and out. How are they supposed to rely on people to hold open the portal if that’s how long we can stay focused? This bit I wondered about? But the portal was open, nonetheless, by heart and freewill.

WOW. Did Grener or AAM have to tell us that or should we begin to just get to work on the focus capabilities of our new energy bodies? More, was it we who goofed by not holding the focus? Who let down Whom?

If this is the case, they likely might not tell us that we are the screw up when the biggest event of millenia has just occurred, the portal opened. Pat yourselves on the back big time and don’t push the back end. Portal there, how to keep it open given, now let us work on our part and gift them back for this great opportunity.”

Jeanne Morris