There have been rumors circulating about my involvement in a gifting circle in 2001. Hopefully, this response will put this whole matter to rest. This is the first and only time I intend to address this issue, and I trust this answers questions being asked.

This accusation is a lie, and doesn’t come from love or community.

The sad part of the accusation, it is based on a 2002 Rip-Off report by an anonymous author; no chance to face the accuser at the time, which is why I have never responded. But isn’t that how the dark forces operate?

In 2001, I was invited by some fellow lightworkers in Sedona to join a gifting circle. I didn’t have enough money so I split it with my invitee and away we went. These gifting circles were the rage at the time, and many lightworkers were involved in them. Many of us realized simultaneously we needed to come to a clearer understanding of money and how to break the old paradigm of lack and limitation.

It was never “my” circle. My guidance from the Council of Love was the bigger purpose of this circle was to learn and teach each other how to be in the flow of money – to understand money is just an idea. If we shared it back and forth, generously and without fear, then it would catapult our lives into the creation of abundance in other areas of our lives; so we could then support other lightworkers on their journey as well.

The purpose of the adventure was clear and very upfront to everyone involved. The plan was to receive the money and immediately pass it on. Circulation was the watchword. Obviously, I was naïve and, as the group grew to about 100 people, there were those who remained in scarcity and fear. I never made any money on this undertaking. In fact I gave away all the money I ever received and then some. Sadly, they kept the money and never abided by the rules or the spirit of the circle.

Many closest friends and family experienced the same outcome of not receiving. Did we give up and say we’d never trust again – of course not. We kept going. We are wiser, and will never again be involved in a gifting circle but we are still together and tight.

It’s funny how greed works. In hindsight it’s funny to think I was so optimistic and trusting. But that’s who I am, but I’m not going to change.

Isn’t the bigger picture in the very themes we’re working with right now, NESARA, the Shift about breaking through the money and greed blockage and sharing wealth? Isn’t what we are learning right now about creation and co-creation, of letting go of limitation. Perhaps the lesson was premature. But the Council of Love has always been about 10 years ahead of time – it’s the way they work. It’s only in the past couple of years that the lessons and the messages are collapsing time-wise as the Shift is imminent.

This response isn’t about justification because there’s none needed. But some good and healing came out of this hard lesson.

In an effort to share the insights from the COL, we began having bi-weekly conference calls to build community; we formed healing and creation circles to support each other’s creations and to heal and eliminate blockages, imbalance and pain; we began Sunday night peace meditations to work with Archangel Michael to bring peace to the planet. All of these activities are voluntary and free. My time has always been gratis in these activities. All of those free, heart-sharing activities are still in place and going strong over 10 years later. Thousands of hours have been shared by the lightholder community. Miracles of healing have occurred all over the world.

This doesn’t sound or feel like greed to me. It sounds like Love in action.