What a beautiful reminder that we, individually, create our own journey, be it in Love and Happiness or strife and struggle. This is a letter that was sent to Linda from Sonia in Austrailia…Thank you Sonia.

I would like to share with you a letter I wrote from my heart, from me, to me. After reading it I felt compelled to share it with everyone because we are the same.So if you would like to extend the love, feel free to share.


Hi, thinking of you,
Just a note to say I think you’re the best. I love you and value your integrity as being true to yourself. I love you, just the way you are.
You are surrounded in a brilliant bubble of white light, angels & guides adore you & are always there, right beside you.

When you think you are alone remember what I said, whisper a prayer of thanksgiving, breathe, & release a sigh of relief, give yourself a big hug, appreciate you are here on mother earth, go smell a flower, or connect with nature in some way, your problems will soon dissipate.

Remember change is the only constant .

Force a smile if you have to, trigger a funny memory, laugh, & lighten up the moment. And know, at any given time, someone loves you, even if it is your etheric guides, just ’cause you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Have you seen joy lately?, you may not see it but you feel it, you sense it, you know it exists because you experience it. I am practising loving kindness which I am modelling on you. Be free to be happy. May the source be with you.

Written by Sonia in Austrailia