I come to speak to you this day about “forgiving” – not forgiveness but forgiving as an action and as a state of being.

Greetings, I AM Jesus Sananda, I AM Yeshua, brother of your heart and brother of your soul, brother of magenta.

Yes, I come to speak to you this day about “forgiving” – not forgiveness but forgiving as an action and as a state of being. For as you advance and expand into the wonderful wholeness of your mighty self, your capacity to stay in the heart of forgiving is infinite. And that is important, it is critical, and it is part of the shift to the place of love – when you live in the place of love, when you finally acknowledge and fully embrace that love is all you are, it is all you ever have been, and all you ever will be.

But that does not eliminate the need for forgiving, and that is particularly true as long as you are inhabiting the third-dimensional reality. You are divine perfection, and in that divine perfection, you are having a wonderful human experience. So that does not mean that there will never be a misstep, that one you love or a neighbor or one who is in the process of awakening will not do or say or project something that is hurtful, something that is disturbing, something that is unloving. It requires forgiveness. So that is why, my dear friends, I ask you to stay in the constant state of forgiving.

So many of you have let go of expectations and judgments of others, and you have done a magnificent job. And yet you still have expectations of yourself, how you wish to proceed, what you wish to achieve, what stepping forward means, how you wish to behave, and how you wish not to behave. And then you go back and you find fault with yourself. You seek the corners until you find that speck of self-blame and then there is mea culpa, mea culpa. But when you remain in the place of forgiving, in the heart center of forgiving, you are able also to forgive your sweet self and to see it in the light of expansion that it is ~ to see it as bringing to light something that you wish to expand into. Rather than lack, it is expansion.

If there is a corner that is shadowy or dark and you explore it with the heart of forgiving, of being in that state of Oneness, then you can proceed without being afraid that you’re going to be at fault, or you’re going to be in blame. And similarly, you can approach the world, the collective, the populous, because you are in that place of forgiving. So it is not something that I am asking you to drift in and out of. It is not a 10-year-old having a fight and saying, ‘Then I will forgive you,” and then remembering it for the rest of your life. No! It is a state of being. It is a state of being in forgiving, just as you are in the state of being love. They are synonymous and they are inseparable, like hope and trust.

You are in the midst of massive change, more significant and massive than most of you are even dreaming of. No, and it is not cataclysmic. It is miraculous and it is expansive. But in that change, if fear arises and you are in the place of forgiving, then you forgive the fear and you reassure it. If people are assuming certain scenarios and you bring forgiving to it, it dissipates the energy. Forgiving is one of the cornerstones of being able to live in and be part of the collective.

In the healing of your starseed self, many of the rays that penetrated you onboard ship were the rays of forgiveness and the awakening of this state of forgiving, for there has been much that has gone forward both on-planet – other lives – and off-planet. Forgiving does not eliminate the memory. What it does is it puts it in perspective and not only allows you but encourages you, moves you along, the way a current in a stream will.

Forgiveness of self is all important. You know, towards the end of my life, there were moments when I was very harsh with myself because I felt that I had not completed what I came here to do. And my beloved Mary, she would turn to me and she would say, “Yeshua, you must forgive yourself. You cannot go on or go forward or complete your journey unless your heart is forgiving and forgiving of self.” Then she would tease me and say, “Who do you think you are? God?” and we would laugh. And so I say this to you in the same way that my beloved has said it to me. “Who do you think you are? God?” because the answer to that is yes, of course, you are! You are the infinite spark and the unique expression of One – and because of that, you are the embodiment of infinite forgiving.

Allow this quality to come forward as never before. And it does not just apply, you know, to the human beings or your star brothers and sisters, for we are not deaf. We know that there are times that you wail at heaven, that you are angry or pissed off with your guides. They have not delivered in a timely manner; they have not made you have this or that experience. But their wisdom and their understanding of your unfoldment are greater than your own. No, never do we seek to override your free will, but there are times when we will hold back so that you may make those choices appropriately.

So we also ask you in the state of forgiving to look at the entirety of the Universe. It is about wiping the slate clean, and it is about keeping the slate clean, particularly for your sweet self. And if you are having difficulty in staying in this place of forgiving – which is compassion – then turn to me, call me, “Yeshua!” I will be there. I have always been with you and I am not about to walk away now. So, forgiving all ideas you have about yourself, about what you have or have not accomplished or experienced in this lifetime, let us begin today once again to walk together in love.

Go with my blessings, go with my peace, and go, dear friends, with my laughter. There needs to be more laughter!