Join me for a free channeled Live Stream on Healing Your Star-Seed Self on May 7th, 2011 at 11 AM EDT. Participation is really simple: plan 45 minutes, and a few minutes beforehand go to the front page of the COL website and sign in –

I’m guided to try an experiment – and that is reaching out to each of you solely through this medium to invite you to my free special Live Stream on Healing Your Star-Seed Self on May 7th, 2011 at 11 AM EDT. The Council of Love and the Intergalactic Council tell me that this is the best possible way to reach my star friends above and below – via the electronic airwaves. Makes sense… so here’s the scoop.

There has been a great deal of “chatter” over the airwaves about an impending landing of our star friends in May 2011. This is our part of the preparation for that event. Several weeks ago the Council started talking to me about a new meditation on healing the star-seed self. All COL meditations are a direct healing of your heart and entire being, an energetic attunement and adjustment of your vibration and frequencies to sustain your sacred self here on Nova Earth. The purpose of this healing is to attune you so that you are fully prepared to see and be with our star being allies, and to be the ambassador emissary you agree to be long ago. The purpose is to be a living dispeller of fear and mistrust .

This urging from the Council revealed a part of me that is biased. Somehow I thought our ET friends with their technology and level of advancement didn’t need our help in healing much of anything. So much for the gal who preaches equality and unity – mea culpa.

Archangel Gabrielle and Grener of Ashira of Neptune (President of the Intergalactic Council and former Commander of the Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies) explained to me that when we are referring to the star-seeds we are not just talking about our friends hovering above Earth but each and every one of us. “There are very few humans or hybrids that have not lived off planet hundreds if not thousands of times. You have fought in the inter-galactic wars; you have witnessed the devastation of galaxies; the destruction of your home planets – of friends, family and beloved ones; you have travelled on ship for hundreds and thousands of years – how could you think that this aspect of your being does not only require healing but now cries out for it?”

I am asking each of you to share this invitation with your entire network. Don’t worry if you think they are not star-seeds – we all are – or have been at some point of this journey of our souls. We began this method of coming together to heal in December 2010 with Heal Our Broken Hearts. Fellow lightholders from all over the world joined with the Council of Love to let go of that deep pain. Now it’s time for the next step – to heal our Star-Seed Selves.

Seldom do I ask for you to share or promote a COL event but this one is such an amazing gift that it would be crazy not to have as many as possible join us. So please share this free invite.

How you participate is very simple – a few minutes before 11 AM EDT on May 7th go to the front page of the COL website and sign in – . The location will be in the right hand corner and all you need to do is click on, participate and heal that Star-Seed Self.