A beautiful insightful poem by fellow lightholder Raisa Goltsin. Take a moment and reflect…

Wanderer, stop for a minute,
And listen for my song.
Stop for a while,
The one who is always so busy
Chasing your dreams and fantasies.

Stop for a minute and listen.
I seem silent and quite invisible
But we are familiar!
I’ve been your guardian And companion for eternity,
And deep within your heart You’ve always known me.
We are both intertwined
Like two hands, left and right,
Like two eyes on one face,
Depending on each other.
And I am as close as your heartbeat,
Just be still and listen…
We are united as two sides of one coin
And just as distant.
But I see your side very clearly,
And you don’t.
I am holding you tight in my arms,
Are you listening?
And again and again you escape,
Disappearing in the fog of your brain,
Destructed by your wild thoughts.
And the veil between us is closing again,
My voice is vanishing now,
But I urge you,
Please, listen to me and return
Remember, we are two sides of one coin.
Please, stay in my arms,
Be nourished by my song.
For we are bounded together,
And we are one for eternity.