“I come this day to speak to you of creation, co-creation, and the stillpoint. Stillpoint – what many of you think is the bane of your existence. I have spoken to you about intent and action and you have read this and heard this. But I have not spoken to you about the stillpoint, and I do so this morning”. Archangel Gabrielle

I Am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth. Welcome. Yes children do not think we do not know of all the kingdoms. We are here to address them as well. For although you think you only see human beings you have been joined this day not only by your brothers and sisters of the stars, but by all kingdoms and all realms. This hotel is full.

I come this day to speak to you of creation, co-creation, and the stillpoint. Stillpoint – what many of you think is the bane of your existence. I have spoken to you about intent and action and you have read this and heard this. But I have not spoken to you about the stillpoint, and I do so this morning. Children, first of all it is time for you to throw away your worries, fears, woes, about creation and co-creation. You have created since the beginning of time when you turned to your Mother/Father God and said I’m going exploring – leave me be, I’m going off to create my own life. Ye, and I would suggest you look where it got you. And how did you do this? You did it by creating your intent, which was an action and then moving out of home, which was a very deliberate action. And in the middle you went to the stillpoint of your being, the heart of your home, and imploded and exploded forth upon the universe. Now, the difficulty that you have been thinking about child with the stillpoint is you are expecting major cardiac arrest and it is a hiccup.

Each one of you has known moments of stillness, and it does not matter whether it has been in your bed at night, in the crystal cathedral, in the quiet of the forest, or holding your newborn child. When all seems to come together in Love, that is how I wish for you to think of the stillpoint, and how to experience it. It is when all is in alignment above, below, and in the quiet of Love within your heart as you think of it which is much larger than you know, it is the place where you do not need to move; where quiet contentment sits, and peace reigns. That is your stillpoint. Yes there are many techniques, clockwise, counter clockwise, breathe in, push out – do not worry about it. We are excellent facilitators and what I do not catch Michael will. The Mother has created you with her genes; the Father has given you his wisdom and Love. You have all your needs met long ago.

What we are truly doing with you during this time together is simply asking you to let go of the preconception, the belief system, that you do not create. You have created from the moment of inception. We have spoken of this before but I think it bears repeating. It is not just your parents’ biological or otherwise that have created you. This has been a group affair. With your parents and their twin flames, and with you and your twin flame. You have come together and united energies and in this stillpoint you have created an energy that will then grow and change into a human being. It is spirit many spirits joining together to create and to take form. That is one of the reasons that we have had you go through this rebirthing exercise, it is critical for you to understand that you have created again, and again, and again. Some of you have seen that last moment of terror when you thought on no what have I done? Some of you have seen past lives. Some of you have seen times when you have walked in and joined the adults and human beings of Earth. These are all moments where your creation has taken physical form. You have created being here. You have created the life you have chosen. Now sometimes you say “I did not.” And that is because you are not happy with what you have created.

Dear child, you are doing well. Even if you are sitting in misery and despair, understand you are powerful creator. For you have created this, it has not been done unto you; it is not our style. You have done this, and you have done it for the reasons of learning, expansion, compassion, and the ability to share and to teach others. If you have never known a moment of woe, of dismay, of despair, you cannot turn to those upon the Earth be it the fairy kingdom, the flowers, the animals or the trees. You cannot turn to them and say I understand. So you’ve done this, you’ve created situations that will make you understand and be able to experience on Earth, in this reality that you may help. Now that phase of your learning is over, and we are saying hallelujah up above, for it has been very tedious to watch.

I claim you as my legion, my foreign legion. You are here to create. You are the Creator Race. It is not something you are becoming; you are already the Creator Race. Mother Earth has claimed and nurtured you, Mother God has claimed and nurtured you. And both are saying go forth. This implies great trust and confidence that we have in you. There is no part of this simplicity, of creation, that you are not fully capable, prepared and able to do. You have demonstrated this time and time again. So the change that we are talking about this day is twofold. It is belief, belief and trust in self, and it is timing.

Yes we know we have had this discussion with you about timing and about “what does soon mean?” Soon means what you decide. When you say I wish to be well, I wish to be healthy, give us a timeline. Give yourself a timeline. Yes, time is an illusion, a construct of Earth, but do not forget part of your assignment is working in the third dimension. You do not have to live there. We would not suggest that at this time. But fill out the forms! It is not simply enough to say with ease and grace that could take two thousand years. Give us timelines, and give yourself timelines. Yes, there are times when this is overridden because you always add the proviso of in Divine Will and Timing, and what is for your highest good. But dear one, we are here to tell you this day it is for your highest good and the highest good of this country, this nation, and this planet, this universe, this galaxy and the multiverse that you create now. And I am with you. I am your coach, I am your cheerleader, and I am your beloved friend. Go with my blessings. Farewell.