Greetings. I am Jophiel, Archangel and Friend. Welcome, my friends. I wish to speak to you a little about who I am and about my purpose with you for you know Michael, the defender and the musician, and you know Gabrielle, my beloved one, administrator and messenger, and Raphael, the healer, and my brother, Uriel, the bringer of the future, the dreamer, the star being, but what does that leave me? For are not all the bases covered? I am the explorer and the adventurer and that is why this one often sees me as rugged pirate, for I am the one that will go where most will not travel.

The purpose of Unity of God, of one, is infinite expansion; the joy of discovery, of the creation of new things, renewal of the old that has long been forgotten, excitement for that is an element that is often forgotten in love and joy. It is sheer excitement and awe at what is possible. That is where I focus my energies throughout all universes. I scan the energy of the infinite and I make suggestions for the creation of the new. I unify the energy that it may join in new ways, so in that way I bring the future into your time and space. I come from far beyond any of your realities and let me suggest that I use the term realities, not plains or dimensions or levels. You are in the seventh dimension, but you experience the third reality even though you are removed from it. It allows you the joy of being in physical form, having that experience, but my purpose in joining you this weekend and forever is to ask you to go higher.