Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love and Trumpet of Truth. Welcome my friends to this Council of Love. Welcome old friends for we have sought you and called you and are pleased to see you. I come to speak to you of this Council. We are messengers of One of what you have conceived of as God, as Divine Source. Our message is not complicated or convoluted. Our message is Love. Throughout time and space, your constructs, there has only been one message. It has taken many forms, in many cultures, in many places. But always, it is simply to love. I come to you this night to speak to you of Love itself. For my undertaking in this world at this time is for you to know and love, to cherish yourself as you are cherished.

You have been born into this physical domain, into this garden of beauty, as Spirit incarnate. Whole and complete. There is no need to earn or prove or become. All you have need to do is to see yourself and be, for you are radiant. You are all unique. Know your beauty. It is a time of change upon your planet. Of incorporating many more energies than you have previously existed in. This is true, my friends, for each and every one of you. For every blade of grass, for every stone, for every cloud, for entire planet. It is time for the re-emergence of the Mother, of the anchoring of the blessed feminine. Not in the absence of the masculine, but in union and in harmony. It is from this union, that creation is taking place. It is from this harmony that each of you creates. And you say to me “Well, Gabrielle, how will I go about this?” And I will tell you. Throw away your rules. Throw away your judgments, your expectations of yourself. Enter your heart. Find out who lives there. Embrace your own divine being. That is not the final step: It is the beginning. And from this place direct your life, your actions, and your behavior. Whatever you wish to do. Come to know the sanctity and purity. Each of you in this room and far beyond have spent far too much time in rethinking in blame and guilt. Although these are useful emotions, they tell you there is something to let go of. But now do so, relinquish them. Give them to the air you breath. Yes, it is that simple. So as I have told you, my friends, when you say, “Gabrielle, what do I have need to do?” I tell you to show up and breathe. That is all that is required. That is all that has ever been necessary. In the knowing of love of yourself, there is recognition of all around you human and not so human. For each is divine. This Council gathers together this and every day to give you our blessing and energies. It is not our words, it is our Love that we send to each of you. That we join with and welcome home. We have always been one with you. Our dream is that you will know it.