Greeting, I am Jesus Sananda. My message to you today is about the power of reminding. Love is. It is the essence, the heart, the mind, the will of One, of every universe throughout. It does not need to be created. But it does need to be put into action and to be placed inside of each and every heart.

That is truly the switch you are turning on. It is the current the electricity of Love. It is the energy of One. When there is difficulty in the grid, the grid that unites all, whether it is the cells of your body, the skeleton of your being, the golden lines of energy that connect you to the heart of One, that connects you to other planets in other galaxies and other universes, there is a blockage. It is that the current of Love has either been turned off or turned down so slow that is no longer felt. What you are doing in removing the blockage is helpful but it is not the final chore; you have need always then to turn on the switch again. That is what the grid work is about. It is making sure the current of Love is flowing in its golden radiance everywhere, freely and openly. At any given moment in time, you should be able to sit still and to feel this flow of energy.

When you go to the still point of your being what you are doing – while recognizing your place upon the grid – you are slowing the energy, damming the Love, taking a deep breath, and out of that breath of stored-up energy creating something new and letting it explode along the grid. It is the most fun that any being can have, in any universe. And I want you to play with it.

To come to Earth and witness sickness and death and dying and pain and suffering is tedious. Each one of you has said that again and again. And I agree. Let us change it together. Let us join our hearts together again. Let us join in victory. So when we go home again to the Mother and say “never again” she will accept our answer. But you will come back. You will come back again to witness the beauty that you are creating this day. Do not doubt your power. If you feel that you are having trouble turning on the switch to your own current or to anyone else’s, I am master electrician not just carpenter. So call on me. I will throw the switch with you and for you.