Jesus Sananda in his invitation to the 13th Annual Council of Love Gathering “asks what is Love? Love is a state of being. Love is action. Love is being in the stillpoint. Love is an expression, an experience.”

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda, I am Jeshua, brother of your heart and brother of your soul and, yes, brother of your circle. My beloved friends, and I support and who have supported me since the very beginning. And when I say the beginning, I don’t just mean the life on Earth that you have known me as Jeshua. I mean when we have all been in spirit together, when we have floated in and out of form, when we have joined in song and chorus, when we have created throughout the multiverse, when we have sat in the silence of the void and listened to the heartbeat of One.

This channel has asked me to speak this day on the nature of Love and what is Love. She has actually asked the entire Council, and heaven knows we have all been whispering in her ears. But I choose to step forward in this further way because my entire life upon the planet, my purpose for coming, my entire essence, my soul contract, as man and as son of God is about Love. When I walked the Earth, I had very simple messages, and they were about Love – to love yourself and to love each other and to love each other as you love yourself. That is always the first step – that deep spiritual, emotional, mental, etheric, physical, respect, honoring, cherishing, affection, concern, kindness, consideration, compassion – for yourself.

Love is a state of being. And for a long time now, I have asked you to join with me in the seventh dimension, for this is the dimension of Love. And it seems that no matter how often I say this, very often it falls on deaf ears. And that is simply because you have not been ready to hear it, but I am saying it again. My beloved brothers and sisters, join with me through the 13th Octave into the seventh dimension. It is a state of being. It is beyond physicality, and yet it can be anchored in physicality. It can be experienced in your third reality, the third dimension as you know it. And in fact, it is so much fun.

When I came, there has been much talk and some of it right and some of it incorrect, much speculation about my suffering and my sacrifice in coming to Earth. I came to Earth not only to teach and to share my messages of my heart about Love, but also to have that experience of Love, of my very essence, to have that experience in physical form just like each of you, to bring that energy and have it in body in a physical vessel. Many of you wish to die to know nirvana, bliss, wholeness. And yet to know the Love in form is wholeness. It is completion. And it is in that state of wholeness that I wish you to live.

So first and foremost, Love is a state of being. It is a state of being in ultimate connection to One, to All. It is a state of being in joy. Many of you have great difficulties finding your joy these days. Go to the Love. It will bring you to the joy. It is a state of being in union. Long ago, we have said unity, connectedness and balance, Love, trust and forgiveness. These are simply different points, the same currency of Love. It is one thing.

But Love is also action, not only on your physical plane, not only in different dimensions and realities. When we create, when Mother-Father One birth a new universe or a new reality, it is done from the place of Love. It is the union, the action of that union, the connectedness, that explodes into creation. And the experience that you have most like that is the creation of a child – the fertilization, forming an embryo.

But Love has many other examples of action. It is kindness to each other. It is consideration. It is being honest and truthful and standing in integrity. It is being compassionate and not even knowing the meaning of being judgmental. When you are in this state of being, of connection and Love, you cannot be anything but kind, considerate, open, available and a magnificent healer.

So Love is also action, but it is also the silence of your being. It is being in the stillpoint. It is being in the void of nothing and still being ultimately and completely connected in One. And I don’t mean that simply as being out of form – I mean in your form.

And finally, Love is an expression. It is an experience that has no comparable experience. There is nothing on Earth or beyond that is greater than the experience of Love. That is why I wanted to come to Earth, not only to teach, not only to teach about the continuation of existence, the ability to move in and out of form. I came to also have the experience of Love, to have that experience within myself and from that to have the exchange – for Love is about reciprocity, give and receive – to have that with my family, with my Mother and Father, my brothers and sisters, my beloved wife and children, my apostles, my disciples, my friends. And then to learn and to hold Love even for those who did not return my Love, and that was a lesson. I did not need to go into judgment or approve of their lives or their actions. I had no wish to pick up stones. But I came to know and to give someone Love, even when they despise you is a gift to your own heart. And the Love is returned, perhaps not by that individual but by the universe and by other human beings because Love is never wasted. The move you give, the more it grows, the more you receive.

Love is being happy. It is being in that state of thanksgiving and gratitude, even when you think you are in your darkest hour. So often I hear your heart pleas to me, to Mother and Father. You say “I do not feel Love. All I feel is alone and abandoned.” For those of you who sit in that darkness of your soul, the darkness of the night, I ask of you, I beg of you, let me in. I will come gently, and I will illuminate your heart once again. And I will anchor my consciousness within you that you will know and be Love once again because that is the purpose. There are many different contracts, many different pathways, but the entire purpose of being in form, of being alive, is to know and to be Love, period. When you do that, you are doing everything else. You are fulfilling every expectation, mission, purpose, contract. You are doing it all.

So this year as you gather for Sedona (Sedona of the East), I will be with you. I will be with your soul family. I invite you to come and to know Love, to be Love without exception. It is the beginning and it is the end. It is the Alpha; it is the Omega. It is. All the lessons, all the tools, all the messages, that we have ever shared regardless of culture or time – it is all about Love. It is about being in that state of wholeness and allowing. There are no shields when Love is present. And that is what I am going to teach you, how to live without these shields. How to live in connectedness and unity. It is our next step together. And you are ready. And I am excited.

Hold tight to each other, my friends, hold tight. And pass this Love from one heart to the next and receive it with gladness. It is the manna of your soul. And it is the manna of your physical body. It is what makes you who you are. And, sweet angels, you are magnificent. You are my beloved ones. I Love you. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon