A heart-rending message from Archangel Jophiel, also know to us as Joseph, on the importance on staying in our place of knowing. A discussion about the difference between the need to know and knowing; and the importance of living in the moment.

“You do not always need to know what lies ahead, because sometimes it will impede you. . So I ask you not always to be looking ahead, seeking, but to be in your knowing, deeply content and satisfied that you are the perfection”. Archangel Jophiel

Greetings, I am Jophiel. I am Joseph. I am beloved Archangel, and I am brother and father of your heart. Welcome my dear friends. I do not speak that often but I wish to continue on the theme that the Universal Mother has begun with you, the theme of allowing, of not striving and of letting go, and being the perfection of who you are. And that is why I bring up this day that I have walked the Earth as Joseph; for I know what it is to be in human form my brothers and sisters. I know what it is to know the aches and pains of humanity, the small daily dramas of a family, and the joy of love, the absolute joy of joining with the family and others and friends, and community. It is such a gift. That is why we never understand when there is anything like war or hatred or lust or greed in the hearts of humanity. For the sense of community whether it is a small village in Galilee, or a planet, the sense of village is always the same. You are sharing in the space of the sacred Mother Gaia upon this Earth. You are walking in harmony and unity, but I digress because that is not what I wish to talk to you about this day.

I wish to talk to you about your need to know, about your desire to know, about your desire to bring forward all gifts and all knowing. I wish to differentiate and more importantly I wish you to differentiate between the knowing and the need to know, for they are a world, a universe apart. Do not think that my guides, who in fact were Gabrielle and Uriel, do not think they did not speak to me constantly. They did. Understand as I gained closeness to my beloved wife, as Mary and I grew closer, I knew of the hardship that lay ahead. I knew of the difficulty, for understand I lived in a very traditional, regimented in many ways, community. They did not bow and scrape before me for I was but a humble carpenter, and in fact many would disavow me, pointing and saying, ‘There is that foolish older man, who has married the harlot and who has borne an illegitimate son who is very rebellious’. I did not listen to this information, because within my heart, within my very human heart, within my expression of divinity, I knew the truth of love, and more importantly, dear friend, I knew the truth – of who I was and am.

That does not mean that I did not have moments of doubt and worry and fear and concern, primarily for my family, because I loved them so deeply. I knew what lay ahead, the struggle that Jeshua would undertake, but I also knew of the joys, the comradeship, the messages of Love, of how he would change the world, but I also knew that I would die, that I would not see my son in fulfilment and most importantly that I would not be there, not only to comfort him, but to comfort my wife, in the worst time ever. Both Mary and I knew this. So, let me be very clear with you, the knowing of information is not always a gift. You do not always need to know what lies ahead, because sometimes it will impede you. But no matter how much you know about facts and unfoldment, of events, of trials and tribulations and victories the knowing, the truth, the absolute knowing of your unfoldment lies within you. I did not strive to change the course of history. I did not strive to say to my beloved one, ‘let’s not have any more children because you will be widow, your son will be murdered, how will you support them?’ No, we held the moment of love, we shared the moment, and we did not strive, we sat in the knowing of God’s plan, and of our perfect place within that plan. I did not work like a mad fool to accumulate money, knowing that I would leave my family. Quite the contrary – of course I would work but I would always make sure that I would be there to enjoy my family, that we would break bread, and we would discuss the events of the day. We would argue politics and religion and we would laugh at the antics of the babies. We would even gossip, we would share the news of the village, of who was falling in love, who was ill, who had travelled to a distant place and what they had learned. We lived. We lived our lives, in the fullness of love, in the moment; doing absolutely everything we could to be the embodiment of love. But not trying. Not over reaching, and screaming at Yahweh to change the plan, not screaming at Yahweh to bless me with gold so I could buy the rabbis and the judge. My work upon the planet was to be a husband and father, to be a carpenter, a protector, a builder.

I embodied the physical form because I could think of no greater gift to enrich my very core. And to this day in the time without time I treasure that experience, the simplicity, not of understanding in any given moment the entirety, the universe, but understanding my place in God’s plan within my family, within my community. So I ask you not always to be looking ahead, seeking, but to be in your knowing, deeply content and satisfied that you are the perfection, not that you will become the perfection, not that you will ascend and reassume your form as angel or archangel, but that in this time and this moment you are the divine perfection of Mother/Father/One. So I ask you this day to celebrate yourself, and I ask you everyday to celebrate your truth, and to sit in your knowing and love.

Go in peace, dear friends, and go with my deepest love for each and every one of you, I have known you, I will know you, and I know you in the now. You are magnificent. Farewell.