An excerpt from the recent How To Channel workshop in which Mary speaks to us in detail about letting go, integration of all aspects of our sacred self, and the stepping forward into our own power.
Greetings I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change. There are many ways in which I have chosen over the eons to introduce myself. Let me be clear, this is the time of hope, during this time of change, of the unending opening of your heart and the infinite opening and expansion of your energy.

What you my dearly beloved ones are coming to do, is to more clearly mirror not only your universal sacred self, your soul self, but us as well. In order for you to be not only part of me, but truly the magnificent mirror of your being, you need to let go. Yes, surrender and release. I have heard you when you have said how much can I let go? And I suggest to you that letting go is infinite, and, you have only just begun.

You hate to hear about clearing, and that is part of the difficulty. You hate to hear about clearing, instead of embracing it, as your favorite activity. See the humor of this. I have not heard many complain about shedding the odd pound, and yet you carry on and hold onto your debris, as if it is the gems of Rome. It is not. You wish to be clear light. I wish you to be clear blue light. But you are radiant rainbows, unique in all universes. Be very clear about this – throughout all creation you are unique. There is no replica of you. Even when you erase what you think of as time, and you look to your ancient Lemurian, Atlantian, and Wingmaker future self, they are part of you; they are aspects, expressions of your universal self. But they are not the uniqueness of this delightful personality, of this form, of this vessel, that you have chosen and created, and co-created with this circle, to come to Earth during this magnificent time of the rebirth of Love.

My question to you, and I tell you it is a question that puzzles all of us on this side, is why would you not wish and strive and embrace to surrender anything that is not in perfect alignment with that unique beauty of who you are? Now I hear you when you are saying yes I would like to do that, I just don’t know how. This is one of the reasons why we have asked you in lightness and play, to come and learn how to channel. The assistance, the help, the guidance, the energetics that we can give you, will help you. All you have to do is to turn your circle and to this Council, to my Council and say yes, I will let go. It is the permission; it is the conscious and unconscious message to all parts of your being that you agree to truly embrace your radiant self. While this sounds very simple, and it is not. It is amongst the most difficult things you will ever do, and that is why I choose to speak to you about this. To stand forward in the clarity of your being, in your full radiance, means that you are exposed. All people, both human beings and hybrids, can see you clearly when you reveal your radiance. Within each and every one of you, there are still traces of fear of exposure. It is also the expectation you have of yourself that if I step forward into your full power that you have to do something. And with that false expectation comes the fear of failure. Failure is a human concept. It is based upon the illusion of separation, and the belief that you will be judged, that you will be found wanting, that you will be punished. That belief and illusion is not of my heart. That is not of our reality. That fear of failure and that fear of success is part of what you are letting go of.

Many of you shy away from this issue, this statement spoken or unspoken, of power. Because you believe power is a corrupting factor. Again that is the human experience of old Earth. You are Nova beings, with Nova grid creating and co-creating Nova Earth. You cannot do it without the acceptance of your power and might. How does that balance get reset, if you do not step into your power? There is nothing to offset those who have assumed power in an old way, in the old belief system. If that is to shift, there has need to be a new counter balance. The power that I speak of is not the power of manipulation and control. It is the power of compassion; it is the power of embrace, of support, of nurturing, of Love. It is not the power of an avenging God. That is absurd.

You are my children. None of you in your most desperate moments, in your most alone moments, have ever doubted my power to heal, to embrace you, to hold you, to nurture you, to restore you. You are of my being. I have you given you the gift of my blue diamond essence. So do not doubt your own power. Accept it for yourself and for others. This is the time of the restoration, of the divine feminine of Love upon the planet. You are the embodiment of this. Gently, softly, gracefully declare your power and step forward. I do not ask you to accept your power and go and stand in the closet hiding, in fear that you might be discovered, that is not the way of Love. You have this saying upon your planet that love conquers all. What do you think this means? It is been a message embedded within your hearts since the day you were born, that you would know.