Greeting I am Mary, Mother of Hope, Mother of Change. I wish to speak about listening. The role of the channel is to listen, and yes this channel will speak a great deal today about allowing the energy to flow. But also understand the dual role of the channel is to listen; to listen to our guidance, to our input, to our information, and to listen to the whispers, the shouts of your heart, of your inner knowing. It is also about listening with your heart in concert with your mind, to those you are channeling for, and with. Listen to the unspoken question. Take a moment, when you hear a question to allow the fullness of that question, of that query to develop. So for example when one says to you, tell me about Steven, my boyfriend, my true love, oh and by the way does he love me? Listen to what the true question is. Am I loved? Am I in the unity and the connectedness? Am I in illusion or can I believe I am in co-creation? Can I trust my heart? These are the questions that human beings will pose to you. For it is the deepest desire of all. Am I loved? You will come to discover that there an array of questions that people will pose. But everything upon the human realm is manageable when an individual knows they are loved. So listen and understand, that is the transmission that you are giving them.

It is not simply the words or the energy in between the words, it is a direct transmission of healing from your heart to theirs. So when you try and hold energy, when you try and heal them by maintaining, then you are depriving them and yourself of the flow of love from my heart to theirs. I bring this up because there are many healers within this room. And there is a tendency out of the tenderness of your being to believe that you have need alter or fix or heal those you are channeling with. You do not, I will take care of that. Allow yourself to be the vessel of my clear blue, and blue diamond light directly into their being. This will amplify their energy so that they will know beyond doubt that they are not only listened and heard, but that they are loved. Have enough confidence in each other; honor each other enough to allow this to happen. This is the surrender. It is the letting go of not feeling that you have need to do anything. Let it happen.