Greetings, I am St. Germaine, Keeper of the Violet Flame and Keeper of the I AM Presence. I am pleased to step forward this day and to speak with you my friends, my loved ones, my colleagues, my teachers, my healers, my channelers. You are my armada, and you are steering a course of healing for not only yourself and each other but for this planet as well. I want to address this morning two issues that go hand-in-hand. And one is your magnificent new grid, this brilliant grid of gold and platinum and whatever other shades of pink or bronze or silver that you have added to it. I want to speak of this grid, and I want to speak of perseverance.

This grid is a gift to all of humanity from the heart of God, from the heart of One, from the core of the universe. Many, many, many years ago the Mighty Ones have overlaid the new grid upon Gaia. And despite everything that she has gone through, her grid continues to shine brightly. And now you don a similar grid, and it is the grid of Love. It is the grid of Unity and Oneness. It is the grid that eliminates illusion and separation and allows the fullness of who you are, of that wondrous soul design that you have anchored several years ago to truly come forward. It is giving it a framework within which to operate, and it is magnificent. Each one of you is looking stellar, and you certainly are recognized by your Brothers and Sisters from the Stars. So this is all good news, my friends.

So then you wonder, “Well then St. Germaine, what are you doing talking to us this day?” “And what is this about perseverance?” Understand that assuming this new grid does not eliminate the need for healing, and that has never been more true than right now. As issues that have been deeply buried within each and every one of you are coming to the surface – not for observation and certainly not for keeping but for elimination, release, and letting go. And how you do that is by running our energy. Yes, the energy of the Mother, my energy of the Violet Flame, the LaHoChi, the 13th Octave, and anything else you care to throw in. The time of healing each other – and I do not simply mean this circle, I mean your planet, the collective – has never been more important and more urgent than right now. What you are doing is getting ready for 2012. You are on your way. But understand there are many who will struggle because not only do they not want a new grid, they do not want change. Either they are very comfortable in the old illusions, or they are simply fearful. So that is why I bring forward perseverance this day. And I am asking you to persevere in what you do together and individually. It is holding the course and going forward.

And what looks like chaos is, but it is chaos because it has need to be eliminated. Sanat Kumara has taught you long ago during our sessions together how to work with the Law of Elimination. And many of you have avoided working with this law and have been very cautious, and that is exactly as it has need to be. But for those of you who are in a comfort zone of working with this Law of Elimination, knowing that you are protected and overlighted by Sanat Kumara, myself and Yahweh, by Lao Tzu and Mother Mary, we would suggest that you truly look at this and use your magic wands to poof, to let go and to eliminate that which does not serve, that which does not have greater impact. Yes, we know sometimes you set up lessons to learn things and those should not be eliminated, and Sanat Kumara will not permit those types of things to be eliminated. But there are things upon this planet that need to go – hatred, greed, lust, control, all the old false paradigms that I have spoken to you of time and time and time again. It is time to let them go. And also know that as you do so for yourself and for each other, of course, you are doing this for the collective. Think of it as a pie. Well, if you eliminate crumbs and pieces of the pie, eventually the whole pie will be gone. And then what we will do is wash out the container and use it to present you with possibilities, potential, flowers of Love.

So I ask you my friends, my human friends, my armada, my angels in form to continue, to persevere and go forward in endurance like you have never done before. Yes, you are the pathfinders, the showers of the way. Think of yourself as marathon runners and you are in the last lap. Do not fall down. Do not go and sit by the wayside unless you are sitting with our beloved Wayfarer, our beautiful Father Buddha, and then you can cheer those on running past you. And then you will still get up and continue and finish this race.

Many of you have called upon us, and you have ranted and railed at Mother Mary and Jesus Sananda and our beloved Gabrielle. And you have said, “When will this be over, when will I see the change?” Well, the change is all around you – acknowledge it, look at it, welcome it, and celebrate it. Look for the small victories, and acknowledge and thank and be in gratitude and joy for the little things, because that will fortify you to keep going. Share your victories, share your understandings, share your aha’s, share your miracles, because they abound each and every day. There are many miracles that go unseen, unacknowledged, so think of those as well. Think of the miracles that touch your heart, the many gifts that touch your heart every single day. Do not focus, do not give your energy to what has gone awry, because that is simply part of trash pickup. Focus on what you are creating successfully. Focus, celebrate that you have survived another day, that you have your health, that you have your family, that you have your fairies and birds and flowers, that you have each other. These are the things that heal your heart, that fill your heart. This is where deep healing occurs – is when you look and feel with the eyes and the heart of Love.

For all the teachings we have given you, for all the hours and days that we have sat and chatted together, there is only one message and it is Love. That is the magic of healing. That is the alchemy, the magic practiced by Jesus. It is the recognition in that split second that not only are you Loved, but that you are Love. We give you tools to help you get to that point, but always remember that is all they are – tools. Every journeyman has tools. Every teacher has tools, whether it is a computer or a blackboard or a satchel full of books. But the essence is the Love. When you look back either at your school days or a situation in which you learned joyfully, think of that individual that taught you, that guided you in that voyage of discovery. It was not because they were harsh or cruel or controlling, it was because you knew you were valued, that that energy of Love was present.

My beloved friends, we are co-creating with you Nova Earth. You are Nova beings with Nova grids. The only currency of value, the only currency on Nova Earth is Love. You may infuse it into something and make it tangible. It is the fibers of your being, especially as you shift to crystalline. That is what we are doing together, creating a planet and a species of Love. The dogs, the cats, the animals, the birds, the trees, the flowers, the fairies, the devas – they have already gotten it. The humans are the last holdout and it is time.

So your job is enormous and you are supported by universes, by beings you can’t even imagine, and I am lucky enough to be the one to come forward and speak. I ask you to keep going. I ask you to persevere. And when you are tired, let me fill you up. Sit in my violet bonfire, so that you are renewed – ten minutes will do it. Each of you has ten minutes. And then come with me, sit with me that we may chat yet again, that we may share bread and wine. Call on me and know as you do, you call on legions. Go with my Love. Go with my violet blessings, with my crown of flames. Go with my amulet of amethyst. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon