“I am Jesus Sananda, Unity of Trinity. Our relationship to Holy Spirit is virtually as One. Understand that we are all part and parcel of One. The Holy Spirit; the Infinity; the passion, the flame, the dove, is a part of the one trinity, one family, and the one being. Just as I am. Each of us has chosen, just as you do every day, to manifest in a certain manner. And, this manner has been determined by our own preferences and by what we believe to be innate qualities. I am a teacher, that is what I do – on earth and far beyond. I teach in many, many different ways, but primarily, I have always taught by example. It is in the showing that the message is received.”

The Holy Spirit does not partake of form. And, even the symbols that have been given and assigned are not fully representative. Holy Spirit is an essence and a spark – it is the divine spark of One. It is the inspiration and is very closely aligned, not with love, but will. I have spoken to you many times of the need of love. Love of self is, indeed, love of another. But, there is need for direction of physical action and participation in this world that you have chosen to participate in. This is your spark of inspiration. This is where the Holy Spirit truly speaks to you, and where many of you have avoided going. And yet this partnership, this intertwining of will and love, is absolutely essential. When you are asked, “What do you wish, what do you will, what is your inspiration?” Do you allow yourself to receive the Holy Spirit within? What you are being asked is what has been encoded within you by yourself prior to coming. For your will is directing what you wished to accomplish upon the earth. And, the partner is, indeed, the Holy Spirit. We are not independent. We are linked. Think of us as having our hands intertwined – to do so, both sets of hands are necessary. You know of the Holy Spirit. For you have been visited by this energy time after time, it has lifted you and it has inspired you. There is a matter of trust. You are being asked to step forward and you have the will to do this. You have always had the will. You have received the original flame. It is one of your symbols; it is part of your heart. It is not the flame of the masters. It is the flame of the Spirit. And yet you, ask yourself time and time again, “Is this so?” It is emblazoned within you. This is not a burden. This is an honor. You need not trust in me or spirit or God. You have need to trust your sacred self.

The Godhead is Infinity, beyond the comprehension. It is universe upon universe without end, encompassing All. Often, we have given God a face so that we feel comfortable. But, it is not a face human or otherwise. It is Love. That is the essence of the energy of the Universe. That is what you are invited to participate in. How you do this is to take the love and direct it through your will. I do not ask you to sit upon the earth and twiddle your thumbs. I ask you to be women and men of action to make your life a living breathing entity that accompanies you in every thing you do from brushing your teeth to conquering Everest. It is not enough to sit at home and simply feel the love. Without service and action, the triangle is not complete, the trinity is incomplete. It has need to be exhibited. Not only with those close to you that you cherish, but with those you think you despise, for those are your deepest friends. They show you the most brilliant mirror of who you truly are. So, you have been given your gifts, your talents- art of hand, art of mind, art of home and sacred space. Use it. Use it as a demonstration of who you are. You look for miracles in the sky and somewhere else. Each time you act out of love, directed by your own sweet self, you are performing a miracle. And, each time you simply go through the routine of drudgery, you are denying who you are. You may deny this to yourself, but we know you. I know you. For you have walked with me before. We have sat and shared bread. And, on the good days, fish. So, I will remind you as brother, who you are. For you are the one I love. You experience the Holy Spirit often as extreme heat, as wave after wave of heat. That is one of the ways in which you will know.

I ask of you, to place your energies and gather your energies in your heart. This is particularly important for many who have lived in the ethers. You have need to pull your energy down all the way through you, and then up. Many of you have lived through your creative force and your creative being – it is time to join them within the heart center, the new balance point of the new earth. But, understand, this does not mean to ignore the other parts of your being, for each center is a unique gift. My Mother has spoken of passion, and it is fuel, as is laughter and joy. You have need to live fully in your physical form. You have need to use this gift of your brain, for it is a mighty tool, but it is not the master of all. It has need to be consulted, not ruling demonically.

Much of the activation, which is taking place at this time, is literally coming through the back of your charkas, and of your being. Many of you will experience the openings at the back of your head, your neck and the back of your heart and harmony charkas. It is because it is easier access, literally, that will set you on fire. Similarly, many of you will be experiencing it all the way down your spine, particularly lower charkas. At the same time, as you are being open fully to your heart, and the intelligence of your heart, not simply the intelligence and knowing of your mind, you are being opened at root to the kundalini, to the passion of the physical body to the passion of living in physical form. Many of you will feel a physical shifting and awakening that you have not felt in many years. Try not to freeze up, often that is the natural inclination. Simply relax. Tell yourself that you are being activated and welcome it. It is simple and it is done. It is a heart thought, not simply a mind thought. So, drop into your heart and say, “Thank you.” When it is too intense, for several of you have experienced it as physical pain, ask for it to ease. Not for the energy, but for the neuromuscular electro-magnetic impulses to soften. What that sensation is, is that you have been so eager to welcome the energy that you have over done it and simply over excited the physical form.

Rant and rave, but not from your head. Let go, I will catch you, as I have caught you many times. This business of trying to live, it is not a matter of earning your worth, of paying off debt. That was burnt long ago. It is a matter of reaching that point where you simply say “All I can do is be,” nothing more and nothing less. It is heart surrender. It is a heart surrender of love and will. Do not worry about feeling exhausted, of feeling empty, for the emptiness is the blessing. For then you are refilled with new life, new inspiration, new well being. So when you think you have tried and tried and tried, and you are fed up to here, do not cry, “ uncle,” cry, “ Jesus,” and I will be there.

Part of this new energy that we so speak of, the birthing of the new consciousness, the expansion of heart and mind in tandem and cooperation, the infinity sign that flows between you and all, and every other being on earth and far beyond, the space that you hold of divine connection, in service to yourself and others, this is what people phrase as the Christ consciousness, it is love. It has never changed. It is simply being fully in and of yourself. It is not gaining anything. It is simply finding it within. It is the equipment you came with. That is what we are working on with all of you. That is why we ask you to go inside and dream your dream. To discover what is still blocked and release it; give it to the Mother. Embrace back unto yourself every aspect, every particle, every piece of who you are and who you have ever been and who you ever will be.

Then, we will come, and we will walk. It will not simply be Jesus, it will be many. And, it will be North, and South, and East and West. And, the circles will form and reform and dance across the globe. We will come as partners, each being bringing gifts. We do not come to be Lord and Master. We come to be servants, brothers, and partners. Many of us will walk this earth again. In celebration.