Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of God, Mother of One, and Mother of All – and, yes, that includes you. I have asked you, each and every one of you, this year, your year, to step forward in action. And my sweet angels you’ve been worrying about this. You’re saying, am I doing it right? What should I be doing? How should I do this? Is it enough? Is it too little? I’m afraid. I never expected such furor over such a simple request, for you to step forward into the wholeness of who you are – that bright beauty of pink and magenta, of gold and blue, wearing and knowing my blue flame of hope. The hope gives you the courage to step forward.

So I wish this day, following on the heels of my beloved Gabrielle, to make it very clear and make it exceedingly simple. Stepping forward is acknowledging who you are – daughters and sons of the universe, peaceful warriors, healers, channels, accountants, bookkeepers, dentists, doctors, mothers and homemakers, and all children of the Light, children of the Love. The acknowledgement is the first action you must take, and you will very seldom hear me use “must.” But if you do not acknowledge who you are, if you do not acknowledge that you are the incarnation, the embodiment of Love, that you are the apostles that have bravely continued on to carry the messages of Love – not of criticism, not of doubt, not of fear or abandonment, but of Love – that is all I ask of you.

When you carry the vibration, it speaks volumes, subtly and actually. It is the gentle words of encouragement. It is not standing by and listening to lies to those who would come from greed or control. It is gently and softly being in your center and holding that center for millions. It is acknowledging the truth of your gifts, of all you have to offer.

Each of you has a different expression of this wondrous love. It is what is going to heal humanity. It is what is going to heal your country, child. So this is my request – step forward in Love and stop worrying about it. If you do not know exactly what to do, sit in your heart. Feel my blue flame, ask me and you will feel the urge, the inspiration, for inspiration is simply a spark that we implant within thee. And when you feel the inspiration of what you do, do not start with the nay-saying, “Oh I don’t know if I could; you know I would but I have to go to work on Monday, or I have a busy weekend”. Stop that and step forward because this – the being, the truth of who you are – is going to give you more Love, more joy, more satisfaction and it will eradicate fear, loathing, loss, abandonment. This is my invitation. Let’s go. Farewell. I Love you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon