A powerful message from Jesus Sananda about how we lie to ourselves, and of under-estimating the truth of who we are.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda; I am Jeshua, beloved brother of your heart and soul. I bring you the Desert Rose this day. I have collected them as I have ventured away into retreat, to find the silence of my soul and the voice of my being.

It is important, my beloved friends, when the noise – the internal and the external noise – when it gets too strong, too loud, to venture out into the desert; into your place of sacred retreat and to refind the silence of your being. There are times when the noise comes from simply the everyday. It does not need to be chaos. It can simply be the busyness of the human experience, and that is part of the joy as well. But when it tips, when the busyness and the noise tips into irritation or interference or static, then know, my beloved friends, it is time to come and walk with me in the desert and to smell the air of purity, and to know it is the purity of your own being, and to find the Desert Rose that grows wild. In the most barren of places beauty thrives, and it thrives within you – it always has.

Many of you are saying, “Master, when will you come back and walk with me on Earth?” “When will you come and share my dinner? When may I host you and tend to you like the brother you are?” For the promise is clear, I will return. But my promise to the Mother as well is I will return in peace and in the time of the Golden Age. (Archangel) Michael has made tremendous strides. And, yes, as he does so and as each of you work with your sacred chores, whether it is in Iraq or Afghanistan, the Middle East or the White House, your communities, or your families, massive change is being anchored. And it looks and smells like upheaval and it is very noisy and very loud. And there are many who are simply speaking for the joy of hearing their own voice. But that is all it is – it is noise. So ignore what is not truth. And you know exactly what I am talking about. Truth is a stand-alone quality, an interdimensional gift. But truth, like joy, is embedded within you as well. It lives fiercely in your heart and in your bones. So when you hear untruth, when you witness untruth, it is very clear because not only does it not resonate with the divine wisdom, it does not resonate with you.

Now I wish to be bold with you this day. And I wish for you to hear in your heart what I say to you. And I preface it by telling you how deeply I love you and honor you. But there are times, my friends, and I know this because I have been human, when you lie to yourself. Oh, I do not mean the grand lie of living a lie. But there are times when you simply enter denial, and you are far from truthful with yourself. Sometimes it is out of dreaming and self-protection, and even though you know the truth, you tend to look the other way. I would do this from time to time with my beloved Mary, my beautiful daughter, Sarah. I would say, “No, it’s going to be alright. I will be here to shield them, defend them and to watch my daughter grow and to watch our love grow.” And I would know I was lying to myself – I was making noise. It’s not that it was harmful, but it was not consistent with the truth of my being. And each of you falls into this pattern sometimes.

I do not say this to make you feel less than or to chastise. I say it because I love you, because sometimes when you find yourself doing that, you doubt yourself and you judge yourself. I do not wish you to ever do that, for it is not of love and it is not who you are. But what I do wish you to do is to acknowledge when you are lying to yourself.

Each of you has an incredibly magnificent plan. You are the forerunners and you are part of this Council of Love. And we have asked you, my Mother has asked you to step forward in service. Do not lie to yourself thinking that you are doing as much as you possibly can – because you are such expanded, magnificent beings, there is always more. And no, I am not asking you, or guiding you, or suggesting that you go over the top and make yourself ill. When I ask you to step forward, I ask you to step forward in joy and completion of who you are, to let the human race see who you are – teachers and healers and my disciples, my best friends. So don’t lie to yourself that you are less than, because my friends you are more than.

When you need to hide away and find the silence, come with me. It is essential because then I will say to you, “Now let’s go back full force and be who we are.” And until the day I walk with you in physical form, I will walk with you in spirit. I will inspire you, and I will help you balance that you don’t go off on wild journeys or goose chases. It is in the silence that the truth is known and heard, and then you bring it forth and you let the rose blossom. You are the Truth. You are the anchors and the beacons. It is time to acknowledge that, the fullness of that. It is time to awaken the human race.

I love you. I love you as my brothers and sisters, but let me also say I honor you, I respect you, and I know what you are capable of. Grand gestures happen every day, and I do not mean in the UN (United Nations) or the White House, Paris or Rome. They happen on the beach, talking to a poor friend, they happen in extending healing to someone in need. It happens with your family in tolerance and love. And it happens by looking in the mirror. Do not underestimate who you are. And if you do, I will remind you – there is no room for doubt, and there is no room for lies. So give Mary your doubt and give me your lies. And I will give you back love, complete acceptance, clear reminder of who you are. Go with my love and go in absolute silent peace. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon