Greetings, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Let me repeat this my friends: I am the Lily of Love, I am the Trumpet of Truth and I am the Messenger – I bring good news. And from what I hear from all of you, you could use some. Today, I make you my angels of gold.

I have gifted you so often with my heart of gold, with my heart of courage, with my heart of joy, with my trumpet, with my ring. I want to talk to you about a different kind of gift, child. I want to talk to you about the gift of love. Each and every one of you who I address today and who I have chatted with for eons have one thing in common, well maybe two, because first comes your divinity and then comes your deep desire for love. There is not a single being, human or otherwise, that does not desire love. Even what you sometimes judge or discern as the most aberrant behavior is simply a child in an adult body, or not, seeking attention and love. I have told you long ago the key to going home is love, trust, forgiveness, unity, connectedness and balance. All of these qualities are fueled by love. If you do not have that starting point, then you are not even at the starting gate. And you may feel like you’re running for your life, but child you haven’t begun.

Now I want to talk about what I see as I observe my magnificent angels on earth in my service to the Mother and Father and One. You are scurrying hither and yon, you are seeking enlightenment, you are dedicated to your service, you are trying and trying to be the best you are. What is this striving about? It is unnecessary. The love that you are looking for lies within thee. It lies within your heart. It lies within your skin, your pores, your hair, your very being, your subatomic particles, and that is what the new grid is bringing to the forefront – your essence of love. We have said the fuel of the universe is love. It is part of everything. It is the only material, as you would think of it, the only energy, as you would think of it, that truly exists. It is the only thing, it is the only quality, it is the only experience, it is the only energy that is far beyond illusion. And dear hearts, my beloved brothers and sisters, you are of the Council of Love and you are love.

Forget about spending time wondering whether you are loved or loveable. That is also beyond question. If you wish proof, ask and stand back and we will flood you, but for us to flood you, you must open your heart, open your mind, let the garbage out child and let the light of love in. It is who you are. It is the only mission and purpose and experience that you have come to earth for.

Yes, there is much transformation taking place upon the planet. There are cities of light popping up and emerging out of mountains, streams and cities. They sit upon the ocean waves. But these are cities of love. Why do you think you have access to them? Because you are a being of love. We are returning you home to the very starting point of All – the beginning, the end, the middle and everything in between.

Look at me, look in my eyes and see the love, see the love I hold for you, see how I treasure you. There are many who like to guide you step by step by step, and certainly I have been known to do so. But what I come here this day to say, child, children, angels of light – you are miraculous, you walk with us, you fly with us, you fly through the portals to the cities of light, you fly to the portals, you access the warehouse of heaven, you are adult angels. And the one thing adult angels know whether they are 100 or 1 million or 1 zillion years old is that they are love. That is all there is.

So when you say to me, when you say to this Council, when you say to your friends, pulling out your hair – What can I do? What is going to make a difference? How am I going to get past this? How can I make things change? How can I break this stalemate? Go within and find the love – the love that was instilled within you that is part of the fibers of your being, your DNA, and pull it up. Look in the mirror and see the bright angel you are. And then look at me and let me reaffirm with all my heart for this entire Council that you are love, you are loved, we are loved, and we are One. If you doubt this, call me. I will be there immediately to remind you.

I have given you the key to your heart. It is a golden key. I did not give this to you to simply wear around your neck, child. I want you to use it – first on yourself, and then for everything you desire. Use the key. It is yours. All you have to do is open and receive and be who you are – the spark of divinity that has existed forever. Go with my love, go with my blessings and go with my courage, because it is courageous to step forward and say, “I am love.” Farewell. Farewell, my sweet fairies, and angels and ET’s. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, March 21, 2009