A strong message from St. Germaine on the meaning and purpose of his gift of the Violet Flame – a must read.

Greetings, I AM St. Germaine, keeper of the Violet Flame, keeper of the I AM. Ancient friend, teacher, and healer, and ancient friend, which is what I want you to remember. I sit with you during this time to help you recall, to bring forward what you have always known, to help you assist in the healing of others and of this planet. I want to remind you that this gift of the Violet Flame is not something, my beloved friends, that you need to acquire. It is something that I have given you long ago, something that has been imbedded within you and that you have carried with you since the time of Atlantis.
Each of you have gone through many dark nights and many dark days, dark times when you thought the light would never shine again. But you persisted and you never stopped and now this time is upon you and yes, you are the brave ones that actually incarnate and walk this sacred Earth, this world that is filled with wonder, but also filled with confusion and hatred and greed, and gentleness and Love. I walked the world for hundreds and thousands of years waiting for this time when the plan would be resurrected, dusted off and brought out not just to be shown but to be implemented.
I work with you from this side – I give you my tools and I give you my very essence, for that is what the blue diamond of the Mother is and that is what my Violet Flame is. It is not simply a handy tool that you can use when you feel like it; it is my essence that I give you. These are the gifts that are being brought forward. You are my torch bearers. You wear my amulet and you carry the truth and the knowing of healing within your heart. I wish you to reignite these flames that I have imbedded within you, within your hands and your fingers, in your heart and your third eye. I wish these to be reignited this day and to stay reignited to burn brightly as the message and the reminder that you are the I AM.
This is not something you are endeavoring to become; it is something you have always been, that you carry within you, deep within you. But do not hide it, that is false modesty, that is false humility and there is no room for it, not during this time of rapid change. You step forward each in your own way to heal the collective. This is done with genuine humility, with an honoring of the sacred self, with an honoring and an understanding of the privilege that is bestowed upon you. This is not a burden, this is an honor and it is an honor that you have claimed for yourself. Is it easy? No. Is it worth it? Yes. And the day will come when we will sit together again and break bread and share our stories of victory. It is not about being flamboyant, as I have often been accused of. It is about being clear and not hiding behind a smoke screen. You have not only my support, but the support of millions and millions – you have no idea. You are fortified in unimaginable ways. If you choose to take advantage of this, and why would you not, then there is nothing, nothing that you cannot accomplish. From the anchoring of Cities of Light, to the opening of portals, to the creation of Nova Beings, you have come to see, to witness, to participate, and to lead the fulfillment of the promise. So, do so.

Show them the way; show them the mirror of who they truly are. I do not ask for my essence in any way ever to overshadow you, none of us do. For that would be dishonoring of your sacred being which is mighty. But, let us participate, let us help, and let us fortify. I do not walk the Earth, I do not walk the Earth ever again, but that does not mean that my Love for the Earth and for all of you is not present. It is always and ever present. You are my armada of healers. And this armada is not founded in the mediocre. It is founded in the strength and truth and the ability to stand and truly be counted, by not denying and side-stepping. It is being your true, peaceful warrior, the warriors of healing, that is why I use this term armada. You’re the ones that have venture out. You are the ones that have agreed and taken this mantle of responsibility. And for this I thank you, we thank you, and we will never, ever let you down. Let us help. Go in peace.

Channeled by Linda Dillon, Denver 13th Octave LaHoChi workshop