Greetings, I am St Germaine, beloved brother of your heart, keeper of the violet flame, bringer of the I AM. Welcome, my friends. I am pleased to be here for it has been some time since I have had the opportunity to speak to you in this way and fashion.

I am a day late and a dollar short, but I am sure you will lend it to me and lend me some leeway to speak of one of my favorite subjects, the creation of this country, and the creation of this country of freedom. I have spoken to you before of this, of how I have founded and brought my violet flame to this place of creativity, to this place where freedom reigns, where liberty reigns, to pursue the creation of your dreams, to live and love and support, for this was one of my sacred purposes, this is the place where the unfoldment of the plan of the Mother is very evident. Well, you say, “Well, Germaine, it does not look very evident to me, look at the chaos and how we are feeling these days.” And I look at it and I say, ‘Yes, isn’t it wonderful’? My God, my God is helping you and so is everybody on this side. Archangel Michael’s peace initiative goes forward. If you want to see some fireworks look there!

But I come this day with a very specific request to each of one of you, for you are trained – and you simply are teachers and healers, and channelers. You have been trained and initiated into my Temple of the Violet Flame long ago in Atlantis, and I have never forgotten this and neither have you, and you are trained as physician, as physician of the heart and mind and the collective. I ask you this day to join with me in this moment and in this time. Yes, I know you do not usually get exercises, it is time for you to come together as one circle and do something during these gatherings. Oh, it is not just my opinion, I have spoken to the Mother about this as well.

So I come this day to ask you, with me, to operate upon the collective heart, the collective being the consciousness of this country, of the United States of America, this day and this moment. What I ask of you to do with me is to hold the torch that I have given you long ago, and it is the torch of the violet flame, and to hold it and to ignite the heart of every person, from the oldest to the youngest, of every color, every race, every belief system, and to ignite their heart with passion, a passion for truth and Love. And then we will ignite their minds, their mental bodies. We will ignite it, we will torch it and it will be free and clear for we will be revealing clarity, clarity of thought, of thought processes, of understanding and wisdom. Yes, as we torch it it will burn away the debris, that which they are willing to let go of, and I suggest to you my friends the collective is very willing and anxious to let go, they just don’t know how.

So I take this special day because you are my circle, you are my armada of healers. You are the ones who have answered my call. So I ask you to do this with me now. See as if there is one huge heart of the collective, and if you are in California, then see it in California, if you are in Idaho – see it, in the Northwest, if you are in the Midwest see it cover the entire heartland, if you are in the Northeast see it, see it cover your area, and let us open these hearts to the sound of freedom, truth and Love, and let us do it together right now: one, two, three, go…

Good. Now let us continue with our torch work, and I want you to see the brains, with these brilliant fissures, and ignite it so that it is filled with clarity and the knowing and remembering of truth – personal truth yes, but God’s truth, the truth of All. Let us continue: one…two…three, go…

Good. Now take a moment and look with your mind, with your heart, with however you feel or see and look at the golden grid of the collective across your country or in your area. It is the grid of all beings and of Gaia and let us torch this so that any speck of debris that interferes with the magnificent flow of golden light of love, that any tiny particle is cleansed. Now look at the grid: one, two, three, go…

My love for this country is without limits, without bounds or boundaries. It is the place of unlimited potential, it is the place where the dove flies free. Now I ask you to complete this with me to take this torch and place it in your heart that it is burning brightly. Now, now take the hand of the person next to you from Santa Fe to New York, feel your circle form and feel the violet flow from one to one to one, it is my gift to you, and you are united in heart, you are the unity of one circle and you are the hope and the promise of tomorrow.

I thank you for this and I thank you in the name of the Mother and Father and the One, and we bow to your I AM. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon