Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change, Mother of All. I come this day at the behest of this channel and at the request of most of you to speak about death and dying and rebirth. I have spoken to you about this circle several times before. But during this time when so many of your loved ones, and so many of the planet, are choosing to leave the physical form it is important, dear one, that we talk about this again. And as I do so I wrap you in my cloak of blue and I give you my quality and my virtue of mercy and compassion, of courage and strength.

You have the concept of life confused, dear hearts, for existence is eternal and infinite and the experience of my sweet angels and star beings. Assuming form is intended to be joyous and playful. Yes, you have come to the planet at this time as systems busters, as agents of change, as pathfinders and showers of the way, you are my legion, you are the legion of Mary, you are the armada of Germaine. But you are also human beings, and there is this very deep attachment that you form with life, with what you assume is life, which is very different than existence, and you form this attachment to those you love and who have loved you forever, just as we have.

Now we have explained to you when one departs the earthly plain they are welcomed home with great celebration, with fanfare. We understand your grief and we will comfort you but understand the one who returns to us has been sorely missed, and so they are welcome and they are nourished and renewed in ways that are not even conceivable upon the planet of Earth. They are lifted up into their genuine radiance, their full flower shines brightly and they are honored for the service they have done and there is wisdom in the experience of that journey.

Often we have told you as your parent, your grand-parents, your aunts, your uncles die they do not cease being your family, they continue to watch over you, to love you, to help you, to point the way. They know you even better than those who have not been in form a long time, yes they may not have the wisdom or the same understanding of the mechanics of the Universe, but they are there for you and we have often said turn to your ancestors, turn to those who have gone before you and let them embrace you.

Death is rebirth. We would like to eliminate that word death from the human lexicon. Death is the renewal of the spirit, it is the freedom of the soul, it is the joy of being home. Do not cling to those who wish to leave, honor their choices, honor their pathway, even when you do not understand. Embrace them, love them, and let them go. Send them home at the speed of Love, bring them home to the 13th octave, let Gabriel carry them so that I may hold them again in my arms.

Your yearning is known and do not think we will not comfort you and support each one of you, and this is not time limited for we see the pain still in many of your hearts who have lost your loved ones five, ten, fifteen, twenty years ago. Children, there are those of you who are still yearning for those you have lost in other lifetimes, but understand that is what my wisdom-vision is, it is the removal of the veil, it is the ability to see spirit, to see form to not be stuck simply in what you think is potential of these third dimensional eyes, that is too limited for Nova Earth.

The danger of this time when so many choose to leave the planet whether it is their time or whether they are simply tired of the battle, is that when you fall into grief and abandonment, my children, you are not in your place of Love and service. No, I do not chastise thee for I wept bitterly at the death of my family, my son, my husband but I allowed my self to be renewed not only by my oversoul but by my Jeshua, by my Jophiel, by my legions of angels so that the human part of me could continue on knowing that I had experienced on Earth the gift of Love, that gave me such joy, laughter, and yes tears. So I ask you my beloved children, my beloved friends this day whom I have birthed, whom I have birthed onto the Earth and whom I call home in your appointed time, let me comfort you, let me take care of you that you may continue in your journey.

Share with others the joy of rebirth, the recognition of the cycle of eternity and go forward knowing we are all with you and we are with you forever, and we Love you forever. Go in peace. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon September 20, 2008