Greetings I am Grener of Ashira of Neptune, President of Intergalactic Council, visitor to your galaxy. We hover above in peace. I welcome you this night, not to this campfire but to my ship. I have need to speak to you this evening about the next step in our assignment together. As you all know the forces of UFOG (Unified Forces of the Outer Galaxies) have been held at bay for several years now. We support but we do not interfere, and we do not prevent.

For those of you who do not remember, for many years when I was commander, we held this planet in bubble of pink so She would not tumble out of the sky and destroy herself and all of you. We have held her and humanity in the peaceful gentle love of our arms and of our technology. Often when we have spoken to you about our technology, we have spoken as if it is child’s play, but in fact it is the most advanced technology available, not only upon this planet but throughout many galaxies. We have used our shields that were perfected during times of war and activated during times of peace not for purposes of defense, but for purposes of stabilization that you may be free to become yourself. We have held you in gentle healing and Love. We have traveled throughout galaxies and universes to come to Earth at this time. We have been stationed above for hundreds of years waiting for this time, for this moment. This Earth has been seeded with many of you, human beings, or not; you’ve come to assist in this transformation.

We have transversed many universes and galaxies together, brothers and sisters, and seldom have we paid attention to the way stars have moved for it is simply the movement of the universe, the tides, the ebb and flow of reality as you know it. But this harmonic convergence, this Star of David is not simply an alignment of the stars. It is an alignment of One, of above and below in the unified glory of Mind, Heart, and Spirit. We were moved this day to see so many of you join the cause (the 13th octave), and to witness you enter that golden spiral. Do not think it was only angels who awaited and accompanied you, singing your praises as you moved along. We were and are present, and have joined in these songs of the spirit.

I come this night to ask your permission and to give you the full reawakening your star seed within; more deeply than you’ve been aware. This (the US) is a violent nation and your conscious energies are needed. You are part not only of UFOG but upon the planet Earth as well. There is much talk amongst you where the balance is in the wars of the Middle East and particularly in Iraq. You are joined now by the UFOG forces who have been on ships and will bi-locate and join you upon the Earth to help you in your multitude of water projects, technology, healing, education and music. The Star of David is an opening throughout the universe at a time of Love.

We are freed yet again to join you in very busy activity on Earth. Creativity not a singular endeavor. You learned this, as we all, did long ago during the intergalactic wars. It does not do for one to proceed simply in self-interest. It is the community that goes forward, it is the sisterhood, the motherhood, the fatherhood, the brotherhood, it is the circles intertwined. So why do I come this night to tell you this? Is it a campfire fantasy of the stars? No. I come because I want you to accept the gifts that are coming your way. When a supposed stranger approaches you, when a friend extends their hand, only it happens to be a friend you haven’t seen in thirty years, you will know them because they are your star brothers, your star sisters. They may well call you by your name. They are beckoning you to new adventures. Be not fearful, for we have always come in peace. The only reason we come is to witness the rebirth of light. The effect that this shift will have throughout your universe and beyond is enormous. There are planets that have been awaiting this event, this change, and this change in the heart of a race and of Earth for eons. There is a large investment on the part of many, not just the unseen forces but of visible as well.

I am not angelic; I do not have to pretend that “hey no matter what happens it is success”. No, success means the opening of your heart, to the love of each other, to the love of this Earth. For as you do that you tend to look up at the sky and expand your horizons looking for something else to love as well. You are loved, your energy, your healing is felt as clearly above as it is felt by this body of water (Lake Michigan) this night. You think that you have undertaken small ceremonies but in reality you have committed your hearts and the light of God to healing the lifeblood of the planet. All things are connected, caught not only within your own individual grid and the grid of this planet but throughout the universe. This news travels far faster than the speed of light. It is heralded, it is a sign that we have awaited prior to the opening of the portal to know that humankind is ready – that you are ready to come home. You are ready to be accompanied by your brothers and sisters of the stars, walking in physical form not disoriented, upon this Earth now. So while many leave your planets who choose to not remain for the duration of this shift, many new friends arrive. No, not as newborns of children but as adults equal to the task of healing. That is why I have asked you to come here this night and to receive this message into your heart. We are calling for each one of you to report, “Yes we’re ready for love, for love of this planet”. As you gather below with your open portals of your heart and raise your hands in celebration and say yes you and we will anchor the Love, we will anchor the Love of Yahweh upon the Earth. So above, so below. We stand on alert not in preparedness for war, but for celebration.

It is important, yes even when people think you’re crazy, that this message of peace be known. You are the anchors. Often you have been told you are the pathfinders and the showers of the way. You thought it was just for human beings, and Earth keepers. You did not know it was also to show the way to your star brothers and sisters. It’s very different to look down at Earth from our perspective, and we will need your help as we arrive. You know in your own forces of this country how eager the forces are for shore leave, no not to get drunk and rowdy, that is a myth. They are anxious to go home to their friends and families, to see what has changed, to sit by a fire with friends. We are declaring shore leave, and we are counting on your hospitality.

In the past year, as part of the code of non-interference, we have had you request at night to be beamed to the healing ships at night that you may be restored and regenerated, for many of you have had battle fatigue as it were. Now we are asking you cautiously at night or even during those numerous naps during the day to report to your ship for further instruction. We have an interest in you channeling, because it is not just the mighty ones (the archangels) who are wishing to speak to you. Yes, we bow to them, but we also bow to you. You are honored. You are the brothers and sisters of UFOG. You have traveled far for many millenniums, now we come to the time of completion. We are at your service. Thank you.