In this Saturday conference call Mother Mary speaks to us about family – about soul family and what it means to be part of her family. A stirring invitation to join with family in co-creation NOW.

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope, Mother of Love, Mother of Joy and Mother of Change.
Welcome, my sweet ones, beloved angels of my heart, but let me add beloved humans of my heart. I come this day in celebration and reverence, often I have spoken to you about my family, about my beloved husband Joseph, about my beloved son Jeshua, I do not speak to you very often about all of my children, for I had seven you know. Yes, you are familiar with some of them, but not all. I do not speak to you often about my beloved mother, Anna, about my extended family. I mention it this day because I wish you to know what deep reverence, what love; I have felt as woman, as human, for my family, for the ones who have honored me by walking with me. For in family there is mutuality, for not only did I choose them, they honoured and chose me as well, and yes each other, for the experiences that we would share, for the love and laughter, hardship, growth, and purpose.

Beloved angels, family is sacred, and no matter how much you share or how many differences you have on this side prior to your return to Earth there have been sacred vows of honoring, of promises to help, to catalyze, to shift, to move, to support, to extend your hand when one is drowning, and to allow yourself to be lifted up and nourished when you have need.

The family is the microcosm of what you are creating in community upon the Earth. So now we expand this to soul family, to those you love, those you entrust with the secrets of your heart, your life, the ones that you choose, yes with the power of passion, to hold close to you. And you may call them friends, but they are indeed your soul family, and this is what this circle is, it is what it has always been, it is a family of Love. So yes, beloved angels, from time to time there will be squabbles and differences and irritations. But that is far, far surpassed by the love that you share, by the commonality, and the joining, the union of hearts.

And now I wish to tell you why I speak of the love of family this day. It is because, my sweet ones, you are my family. Always and forever. I have told you so many times that I have birthed you from my heart, from my womb, that you have emanated from the heart of One. But I do not think that you always understand when I say this – the implication of family. I know and fully understand as Mother that sometimes you are irritated, disappointed, angered with us, frustrated for what does and what does not evolve or take place upon your planet, but I also tell you, sweet angels, that part of this is the frustration of wanting to place blame and guilt elsewhere. It is alright, because that is part of the dynamic of the family, but also part of that is when you look at each other and say, ‘wait a minute I did not do this to you’. You have need to understand the process of co-creation.

When we tell you, not guide but share, our heart, our essence, our very being, when I weave and stand next to you, with you, before you, behind you, within you, as never before this also entails the co-creation – and yes, responsibility – a choice of what we do together as family. So I ask of you this day as circle, as Circle of Love, as our human Council of Love, not just individually but collectively in this coming year to decide – what do we choose, what do we endeavour together to create, what is it our hearts desire? I have asked you to weave the tapestry with me, I have asked several of you to help show, to help interpret, to discuss what does it mean to live in family with me, with my beloved son, with all of my family, with Joseph. When you have a dear one, a father, a mother, a cousin, an aunt, a sister, you do not see because they are not in your household, you do not cease to include them in your creation work, in your thoughts, in your heart, in your daily life they are part of the fabric of who you are, and the bond is not biological, it is either the soul choice or the Love. So you wish to share, and to build together to offer encouragement, advice, to point the way and say, ‘no, that doesn’t sound like a good way to go’, but to offer the encouragement to keep going. That is what I am asking, I am asking for the soul conversations. And, beloved ones, it can range, it can range: is the sky blue, do you really think Mary’s essence is blue diamond, do you think Jesus, Jeshua, is magenta? What is the place of integrity with compassion? How do I balance my wants, my desires with responsibility? These are questions, these are human questions and these are questions of heaven.

This Terra Gaia is my planet of Love. All I have ever created, the sacred purpose, my purpose for each one of you is to know the joy of Love. I move amongst you, to help you in the physical reality, to know this. But in order for this to take place I have need for you to open your hearts and your eyes and to participate. By choice, however you choose, I am asking – I am begging – embrace me, embrace my family, embrace me in love and do it now…