I am Albert, I am Albert Einstein, and I am honoured to come this day and speak with you. I can be the warm up act, but I come in reverence and in acknowledgment not only to the keepers of the law but to each one of you for you are keepers of the law as well.

Sometimes you do not realize this because of the way you work, you do not realize the extent to which you are manipulating energies and frequencies and forming things in your self, in your society and in your world. So what we intend to talk to you about in the course of these three days because, yes, we intent to spend a lot of time with you, what we want to talk to you about is the conscious acknowledgment, the conscious involvement of your being, of all of your being in this work you call the creation of joy.

For what is joy, except the state of being God. It is to be in the ecstasy and when you are in the ecstasy is very hard to see the sludge and the sewers, and yet my friends this is where the work is, this is what you are cleaning up, and I do not mean simply the pollution of the earth, or the pollution that your brothers and sisters of humankind have made, I mean the detritus of the human experience, I mean the cleaning up of the false grids, and the misunderstanding of fundamental laws, not only of physics not only how particles move and form but of how you work. Often this channel has asked me, ‘Albert, why do you continue to talk to me, I am not a scientist and I am not even particularly interested’, but I know she doesn’t mean it and so I continue, because there is a part of her that is very curious. But like so many of you who have been scientists before and who have worked with atoms and molecules, you have seen the destructive way and so you have turned away and you have said, ‘ I will not play with those dangerous tools and toys anymore, I will only trust my heart’ That is only good for so long, for it is time for the union of your brilliant intellects and your joy-filled hearts to be married in action that is meaningful in the creation of this new earth and in the re-creation of the multiverse, – within and without. No I do not talk in riddles for it is one of the laws she forgot to put up on the boards, the law of within and without, it is the same as the law of above and below, it is the law of mirroring. And, my friends, if you believe there is a multiverse, and I assure you there is, much grander and bigger than you ever imagined, then there is a multiverse within you.

Now a few years ago we asked you to expand and understand your diamond self, so now we are asking you to push that envelope a little further, and understand that there is a multiverse within you as well and it is mirrored externally. So what do you wish to do with this? Do you wish to ignore this part of yourself that is the brilliant scientist or the talented artist, or the healer, the storyteller? Or do you wish to accept it, because in the embrace and acceptance is the conscious decision to keep going and creating. You can only create – and this is something that you have placed upon yourself, within your own contracts – you are creating from a place of joy. You have already said no long ago to any devastations, you have so much, so many, who are reinforcing you and teaching you the balance of the laws. And yet so often you are thinking of it as an intellectual exercise, and something that you are aware of that you have studied in school, the same way you have studied quantum physics – and yet you are not doing anything with it, and this is very puzzling.

Why do you not mesh these sub-atomic particles? You do not need the sophisticated machinery, you actually have what you need at your fingertips, in your heart, in your mind, in your crystals and in your circle. You have been creating for years, and then pretending you are not, or nay-saying it. Whenever one of my colleagues – alive or dead – would come up with a brilliant idea it would be celebrated. We would tear it apart, we would chew it and then we would celebrate the illumination that was brought forth not for one person but for all of us.

Now the importance in the creation work is that the creation be brought forward for the collective to chew, to discuss, to share, because it is in this way not only do you all go forward but you prevent and you guide each other on paths that are positive, that are life-fulfilling, enriching and I am not talking about money – that is another topic. So when you think you have a glimmer bring your particles and share them and let your colleagues, your brothers and sisters, add to it because that is how the body of knowledge grows and the implosion/explosion takes place. That is how the multiverse expands, it is through the union, it is through the union of love and it is through the union of knowledge, of wisdom, of understanding, of conscious choice of how that knowledge will be used.

Much star-technology is being given you on earth at this time, oh, if I had had a quarter of what you have, it is wonderful, but the discernment, the discernment of how the technology is to be used, to be shared, to be spread, comes my beloved friends from you, it comes from the collective it comes from that conscious understanding of what is for the benefit of the whole, what expands the heart, what expands the love, what expands the joy. If it does this then the answer is yes, and when it is limiting, when it is destructive in ways that cut down people, when it belittles people, when it does not honor the human spirit is the embodiment of one then there is the need for re-thinking. The star-technology in and of itself is clean so it cannot get sullied by the lower energies, and I tell you this because each one of you has witnessed this in many, many lifetimes, as have I. As I tell this channel I come back and I speak to you as friend, as ally, not as ascended one because my work was incomplete, so I work further with you on this basic understanding of fissioning, of creation and how that truly takes place. It is the melding, it is the moment of union in the stillpoint, that is why there is so much discussion from the ascended ones about this stillpoint, about the need for that germination to take place. If it does not take place there is no birth , there is no creation, there is no implosion, there is no explosion, it is a dud.

Often when I was in human form I could never make my mind stop, it was very hard no matter how I would try – Ay! And this is the key, this is the key. It is so simple to create you stop and then you start again, because when you start again it is something new, it is something different, it is an expansion of what was there before. This will be true for everything, for seeds, for plants, for rivers, for oceans, for whales, for dolphins, for human beings. This is the key to the healing of the earth. Yes, it is the ascending of the healing energy, but the healing occurs in the stillness, it occurs in the yes, the start is the out breath. That is why you have to let go, that is why we have asked you to let go so that you may start again.

Now, when you are making something whether it is pie or strudel, or a bomb, you go and you get different ingredients and you do not keep your ingredients for what you choose to create all in the same place. They are all in the same universe and they are all equally accessible, but they are not always in the same dimension or reality. And this is what I really wish you to do, to start experimenting and bringing forth from all realities, from all plains, from all realms of existence in your multiverse the ingredients for which you truly wish to create. You are far, far more advanced in your understanding of physics and invention than I have ever been in human form, and yet you deny this and I can’t help but wonder why. What is it you are afraid of my friends? Let go of the fear for you are powerful otherwise I would not be permitted to even be having this conversation for there are checks and balances on our side too.

So this is what I ask you, ah we are back in ?????. Look at your next creation, go ahead and look at it, the next thing you have chosen on your wish list and make sure it is personal and ask yourself, ask me, what does this mean? What are the ingredients that I choose to bring, it is not simply the love, the trust, the gratitude, the joy. What are the particular ingredients that I need to make this strudel. Is it trust, is it fidelity, is it raw power, is it jet fuel – that’s joy, is it grace? What do I need to bring this forward? Before I bring it to the stillness, what do I need to add to my soup, to my strudel, to make it so tasty that it will serve the world? Then add it. Simply call upon it and add it. Bring it to your heart, bring it to the stillpoint add it and then go forward. And when I say forward I mean to take an action because you do not create unless you take actions. You can have the most brilliant formula throughout the universe and if you do not do something with it, if you do not take that risk, if you do not take it to your collective and say what do you think, then it is nothing. It does not assume form and that is not what you want to hear, not one of you.

You know this, but I am here to coach you, to help you because in my help of you I complete my work as well. To see the radiant beauty of this planet and so far beyond. Thank you.

Channeled by Linda Dillon