A timely message from the Buddha on moving from stillness to action.

I am the Wayfarer. Yes, some of you would call the Buddha. So I am glad to finally understand that as I have sat under the Bodhi tree and gotten heavier and heavier it was simply because I was holding a planet and many cities of light. Often it was because I believed I was holding the grief and the pain and the breaking of your hearts, and there was so much to observe I would simply hold it for you while you would make your merry way.

As you know I do not step forward often and although I love to tease and to laugh with my friends I come to talk to you not about sitting under the Bodhi tree but about picking up your pack and walking, and trundling through the villages and the cities and anchoring the light of your sweet self.

There are particular times in the history of humanity and of the planet when there is a ripeness for change, for a change in consciousness and thought pattern, and even a change of heart. And you have seen this at intersections in your known history and history throughout many galaxies. It is as simple as watching the fruit on the tree to know when the time is ripe, for yes there are times when you may go and travel into the cities or the villages or even the places that are lonely and if you were to speak you would simply be a voice lost in the wilderness, but that is not the case now. It is not a time of gurus but of teachers within. I have nothing to teach you other than to be the observer and to be yourself. For when you let go in that stillpoint into who you are you let go into All and you join with us in the existence.

It is not a time of sorrow, of crying over what has been lost in war or family or previous action of many lifetimes, it’s a time of joy and of acceptance of deep surrender, some would say to the God within I would suggest to the Buddha within, without judgment, without expectation in the simple knowing, in the simple wisdom of All.

So pack your bundle, put everything precious into it, all your preconceived ideas and illusions and then leave them behind and step forward, secure in the knowing that you will be fed and you will be clothed and that you will be attended to. Yes, by your neighbours and by yourself and by All, by this Gaia that you come together to praise. Go with my blessing. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon