Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome to this Council and to this circle of Love. Welcome home. We are excited children about what you create, and how you choose to go forward in this universe of Love. You are fueled by Love. Your essence is love. Look in the mirror child, and tell me who you see. If it is not love staring back at you, then look again.

I come this day to speak to you of honor, and of honoring. For what does this mean other than respect, and wonder, and awe, and love? We accept the honor you give us from your heart and soul – every moment, every hour, and every day for an eternity. We accept it in gratitude and in joy, the same way that we give honor to God, to the Mother Father, to each other, to the ascended ones, to Jesus Sananda, and to you. This is what you so often forget – we honor and respect you. We trust you. That is why we do not interfere. Once you choose to create, we support you when it is for your highest good, but never do we interfere. We know your mighty warrior self and gentle angel within with wings of steel is perfectly capable of deciding and creating exactly what you choose.

The reason why I remind you of this today is that you need to, right now in this moment, in this reality, and on this Earth, remember to honor yourself, to love and trust and respect yourself in exactly the same way that you trust and honor us. You are a unique creation from the heart of Mother. Each one of you radiant and different, woven together in the tapestry of this universe by love. You cannot tear yourself away; you are part of this creation the same way we are. And we celebrate this with you each and every day. We request of you to celebrate yourself. We ask of you, take time each day to look in the mirror, to see what we see and to celebrate the wonder of who you are. Celebrate your accomplishments in this Divine enfoldment. Celebrate what you have judged have failures, for what it has brought forward, a uniqueness of your experience. Celebrate what you judge as victory; pat yourself on the back and to feel our warm embrace. You are loved. Not because of what you do or not do, but because of your essence. Because when we look at you, we look in the heart and face of God. Know this, dear ones. And proceed. Proceed in laughter and joy. We are with you. Farewell.

I want you to see yourself looking in your mirror, in your bureau mirror, your bathroom mirror. Look deep in your eyes. Still in that place of stillness, and see yourself and speak the words of love. Now and every day. Good.