“The stage is set, so what we ask of you, my beloved warriors of peace, is to sit in the stillness of your heart, wherever you are, and whatever the time, get up early if you must, and on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT to hold the Love, to flow the Love, to be the Love, to accept the Love, to give and receive your birthright of joy”… Archangel Gabrielle

First off a huge heart-felt thank you to Shelley Yates, beloved Lightholder, for bringing us, all of us, together. See you on July 17th! xxx Linda

I am Gabriel, I am Suzanna Michaela Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and I welcome you this day, this day of freedom, this day of joy, this day of understanding. For what else are these messages about, dear ones, except to expand upon the understandings, to adjust the frequency and increase the energy grid and to hold you in our collective arms of Love, to heal these wounds of illusion, of separation and abandonment.

Now we have told you, and so we remind you yet again, that this is a time of growing unity, of formulating and anchoring and growing unity, unity of One and the unity of All, of all beings. Now, often we suggest to thee that the information that we give you from this Council gives you about a decade’s jump start. Now we do not do this so that you can go around with swollen heads and egos thinking that you have the inside information, we do this because you are pathfinders and showers of the way, you are preparers, you are the voice in the desert, the voice on top of the hill. You are the servants and the Lightholders of All. You are part of the legion that has volunteered to assist in the restoration of the Mother’s plan upon this Earth, Gaia.

And, dear ones, I suggest to you, regardless of what you have experienced or believe you have experienced, that this life is intended to be joyous. And I repeat what the sacred Mother says to us, if it does not feel like joy then stop doing it. You are in charge. We are your helpmates and assistants, we are your co-creators, but you are in charge. But I digress.

Eight years ago in the glorious heartland of Michigan I and my mighty retinue have given this wonderful planet Earth, Gaia, our sister archangel, a brand new golden grid, and despite all the war and devastation, and all the antics the human beings have been up to, this grid has remained intact, bright and beautiful. It cannot be penetrated, and it is kept very clean. So destroy any notion that you have that she is battered and bruised. She might be a little mussed up from the some of the pollution that you have dropped upon her, but her being is intact and always has been. That is why she has been able to endure so much, for you are not only the children of the Mother above you are the children of Gaia, and as such she has put up with a great deal of abuse from her children. But Gaia’s grid is intact and the team of Michael and Uriel and Raphael and Jophiel and myself, have made sure that this grid has stayed intact.

Four years ago (Oct. 2002) we have given you the gift of my golden rain, and it was to nourish you and to help you grow the same way a flower does, and it was during that period of time that we anchored the fullness of your soul-design, your beautiful snowflake, which is nothing more or less than your beautiful design upon the grid. It is your grid within the bigger grid, just as you have your place of unfoldment within the larger plan, and that has been anchored wonderfully, and it has been expanded – and anchored and expanded, and anchored and expanded. And you have been taught how to create, and Sanat Kumara himself, the Master of Universal Law, the Planetary Logos of Earth, has come forward and taken you by the hand to show you how to proceed. Nova Earth is already a reality, last year you have anchored the Nova grid of humanity and it is solid, dear hearts, you have done your job, all of you, Lightholders all over the planet.

Now I say this not to naysay, but rather to set the context of what you will talk about and do in this context of July 17th 2007 at 11:11 GMT. We have asked you to create – and some have and some haven’t, and some continue to believe in the illusion of limitation – nevertheless you all go forward, with everything you have ever needed.

I repeat the message of the Mother – this is not about striving, creation is not about trying and struggling, it is about allowing. It is about sitting in that still point of your heart and allowing the implosion-explosion to take place. Seventeen seconds is all it takes, but most of you have not achieved that. We have given you many practice runs and we suggest you are doing famously, brilliantly, but many of you have wondered how in this short period of time of transformation do we make the jump. We have always told you the changes will come from the people, yes we are holding the energy, we are flooding you as you have never been flooded before. But, dear heart, this is a partnership, no longer do we do for you. We do with you, but not for you. Nova being is an independent creator, acknowledging and in alignment with the God-self, and it is time to call that God-self forward fully and completely. Child, you are ready!

Now let us jump to this one occasion, this situation of July 17th, 2007. All the grids are in place, it is not a matter of mending, creating or anything. That is the good news child. What we are asking is actually a very simple task – you are already intact, the tableau has been set, everything is in readiness.

Now, there are many references to this event of July 17th as a cosmic opportunity, but let me suggest to thee that each and every day is a cosmic opportunity, we do not turn the faucet on and off. But what we do know is that the attention span of the human race is miraculously short, and dear ones, no matter what we say or do you Love drama. So we are creating with you a spectacular event – you should have saved the fireworks!

The point is to have the momentum, the critical mass, enough human beings in their God-self, whatever that looks like, for we do not judge so you certainly shouldn’t, to enter into your hearts at that time and to simply send Love.

Now what is really happening? The points of unity between your grid, the person next to you, the person in China, the Earth, above and below, are going to be electrified. Think of it as turning on the grid, that is the expression of “firing the grid”, to amplify the sense of community, connectedness and balance. In order for this to work you cannot have one being running at a thousand volts and one running at ten, you will burn each other out. So it is a question of balance as well, that is why we ask you to go to the place of stillpoint; it is the place of balance. It is not about generating so much energy that you can blast everybody apart, it is about the gentle connection of Love, heart to heart to heart to heart all over the planet. It is the same that we ask you to do every Sunday night in your peace meditation – which most of you forget. We are simply asking the entire planet to give us an hour of your time, together at once. All we really need is 17 seconds, we are hoping out of an hour we will get 17 seconds. This is an absolute conjunction and completion of Michael’s Strategic Peace Initiative. If peace and Love is held in the hearts of enough of humanity, connected in Love to Gaia, the tide will not only turn it will be completed. It will be a tidal wave of Love, and it will not destroy anything except illusion, it will create a gentle flow of peace and harmony, connectedness and balance.

The stage is set, so what we ask of you, my beloved warriors of peace, is to sit in the stillness of your heart, wherever you are, and whatever the time, get up early if you must, and on July 17th 2007 at 11:11 GMT to hold the Love, to flow the Love, to be the Love, to accept the Love, to give and receive your birthright of joy. It is a human event, it is not simply entrusted to Shelley (Yates ~ www.firethegrid.org ), it is entrusted to all of you who have ever yearned for wholeness, who have ever yearned for deep connection with your entire family on Earth.

We will be with you, we will be igniting, St. Germaine has his torch ready, please join us. And go in peace, dear ones, go with my Love. I will shower my golden rain that day yet again that you will be refreshed and ready to start anew. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon July 7, 2007