Mary’s Plea ~ Hold the Hope

A powerful heart-touching message from Mother Mary to her angels of the dawn about the incredible power and importance of hope and mercy, compassion and forgiveness.
I ask of you for the next several weeks to think every day, every single day, what do you hope for, what do you hope I will give you, what do you hope the day will hold? And then to practice forgiveness, forgiveness of self and of one and all…. Mother Mary

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope and Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of Healing. Welcome, welcome sweet angels of the dawn.

The channel has asked me this day why I have begun to address you in this way, to call you sweet angels of the dawn, and I suggest to you it is because you are the angels of the dawn, you are the bringers of a new day and a new time, and a new way of existence upon my planet. You are the bringers of the dawn; you are the heralds of the dawn. You do not do this alone my beloved ones; you do this with and for me, as I do all with and for you.

I ask to speak to you this day about the qualities of hope and mercy, and understand within mercy are the qualities of compassion and forgiveness. If you had everything that your heart had ever desired, that you could ever dream or imagine, where would you use the quality of hope, children? I wish you to consider this as there is rapid change upon your planet. My beloved one Michael’s peace plan comes into play and is anchored upon the Earth. What is the role of hope? When you are in alignment, when you have all that you can dream of, you say ‘oh yes, but Mother I will dream for others, I will hope for the fulfilment of others, for other universes, other realities’. It is the quality of hope to look forward; it is the quality of hope that is embedded in the formulation of what you choose to create. It is the quality and the properties of hope that are imbued into intention and dreaming and it is the hope – not only the belief or the knowing – but the hope, the heartfelt hope that you are loved and lovable and that you are capable of loving. It is hope that provides the fuel for Love. Often I have said to you ‘Love is the fuel of the universe’ but have you ever thought of what the sub-atomic catalyst for that Love is? It is hope. And the partner to hope is mercy. If there was no quality of mercy within the heart of One within my heart, the heart of the Father, the Source, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit, hope would be futile for it is the mercy that creates the dream of forgiveness, the dream of compassion.

These qualities are intertwined as one. Hope is not simply a human quality, child, for when we extend mercy or forgiveness we most certainly hope that you will accept it, we most certainly hope that you will continue on and that you will share that quality of forgiveness, of compassion and mercy, with every being upon the planet, and particularly your sweet self. You do not breathe without hope, you do not walk without a belief that there is mercy for all the times that you have not walked and fallen down. But when you are in this place of being and hope, when you are in the place of being and mercy, of being and forgiveness and compassion then you are in a state of grace, you are in the state of union, you are in the state of wholeness.

Many of you forget about these qualities and I wish you to practice with them, to use them, faithfully, daily, and to embrace them. Not now and then, but everyday – hope for peace, and practice forgiveness of war, compassion for those who make decisions that are caught in human chaos, compassion for those who are victims of war, compassion for those who are victims of illusions, of drama and chaos, and hold the hope.

I ask of you for the next several weeks to think every day, every single day, what do you hope for, what do you hope I will give you, what do you hope the day will hold? And then to practice forgiveness, forgiveness of self, and of one and all. If for some reason it does not come to pass this day, it is not to fall down, it is not to give up hope, it is not to turn away. The inner workings of hope are constancy. It is not striving it is holding. It is being. And when you are not striving you are not engaging in the chaos, you are not fuelling the flames of war, of discord or of human drama. So I ask you, my beloved ones, my children, my angels of the dawn, as you begin to create this Nova world for many generations to come, I ask you to practice the self-discipline of hope. It is my gift to your heart. It is the quality of the blue diamond; it is the essence of my being. Will you accept my gift this day, and continue on in this diamond of hope and mercy, forgiveness and compassion? Place yourself in the centre of that diamond and stay there my beloved ones, knowing that I am with you always.

Go in peace. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon June 16, 2007

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