A must read (and weep). Jesus speaks to us about his love for his father Joseph and his wife, Mary Magdalene, and the importance of soul family. This insight into the heart of Jesus and his Love for each of us is to be shared.

Good morning, my beloved friends, I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, I am keeper of the flame, I am keeper of the heart, I am keeper of the Christ consciousness, I am keeper of the seventh dimension, oh my list of jobs goes on and on (laughter), and in my spare time I’m a carpenter!

I have asked this channel to speak this day about family. And I particularly wish, although it is unusual practice, I wish to in recognition to address myself to my beloved friend Myrtle, the embodiment of purity and meekness, for we know the meek shall inherit the Earth, but we also know that the meek are the stewards of Earth – they do not interfere they simply tend the gardens, and the gardens of humanity. I wish once again to speak to you all about the importance of family. You say to me, Jeshua, it is not Christmas or Easter or Fathers Day, and my friends that is exactly the point. The family is for everyday, they are the special occasion of your heart, family is your wisdom source, your fountain, your source of compassion of laughter and tears, and the depth of understanding that will come from nowhere else in the human experience.

I have walked with you as brother, as teacher and healer and as friend, not as Master. I want you to understand this for you give me many titles but the honour I wish to hold with you is brother, brother of your heart, brother of your soul and brother of your journey whatever that journey entails, and I have witnessed and I have stood and it entails a great deal, and it is only just beginning. And when I come and I walk with you again in the New Jerusalem I will not walk as master I will walk as brother, I will walk as friend.

There is such controversy upon the planet about my very straightforward and simple love and marriage with my beloved Magdalena, the twin of my heart, the twin of my very soul. How could there ever be controversy about the creation of a family, about the coming together in love? It is beyond absurd. And my beloved children, my mother, and I wish to talk to you this day about my father, about the father of my human experience, about Joseph. If you were to think of Joseph he would be a mighty oak, strong and silent, and so dependable, and he would shield and shade you from the hard times and he would support you; you could lean upon him.

He does not get enough credit you know. And yet there is not one father upon the Earth that could do better than to emulate my beloved father, Joseph. He taught me what it was to be man, to walk in strength and meekness and gentleness and to have the courage of my convictions, my knowing. My beloved mother who knew from day one, the Annunciation, what my journey would be would often shy away and say ‘Jeshua, please, stand back a little, do you need to be so obvious?’ My father never did this. Sometimes in the quiet of the evening he would suggest temperance and a way of speaking that would help others understand my message. He showed me the way.

And my family, my beloved Mary, Magdalena. Do you truly think that as partners we never fought or had words? The love and passion was strong between us, but we were both very independent souls. There were moments of disagreement and moments of incredible tenderness – and guidance to both of us. We did not engage in this journey together without her fully knowing of my pathway. So the strength of this one was enormous, for she knew she would carry on alone, that she would be single mother.

I relied on her strength for there were moments when I would falter, yes, you know, you have heard these myths and tales, but as human man there were times when I would simply think ‘let me take my family and run away, let me protect them and myself and let us start over’. And she would just look at me, and we would know not only of our sacred bond that will last forever, but of the promise and contract that we had come to fulfil in that life just as each of you are fulfilling a promise in this one, and that is why we wish to give you all the help that you can possibility get, not to limit yourself to this illusion of the third. You are the Nova beings; you are the Nova healers and you have been given the science directly from Einstein to support it. I dare say it is about time.

So why do I wish to speak about family this day? Because I also wish for you not to simply think as traditionalists in terms of family. This (workshop group) is your soul family; this is the circle that you have travelled with forever that is why you keep coming back and wondering ‘why am I going to that class?’ It is because you are joining in a way you have agreed long ago with your soul family in support, yes sometimes in disagreement, but always in Love. Lean on your soul family, family is what gets you through, they are your strength, they are your oak tree, they are your shade, and they are your sun. They are the expression of your heart, they are your mirror.

So I step forward this day as brother to ask you, as friend, to lean not only on me but upon each other, in honesty. You are dealing with core issues in this gathering, be honest with yourself and each other, this is opportunity rarely given. Trust each other, for understand you are trusting each other with your lives. And simply look to the foot of the table for I am always there. Go with my love, go with my wisdom and compassion, go with my laughter. Lean on me. Farewell.

Channelled by Linda Dillon in Miami