Our beloved Mary speaks to our hearts of her gift of stewardship of Earth, of the promise of peace, and what is means to fly through the portal. Through the Portal is the Council of Love’s theme for 2006, and we are each invited to join with the Mother and fly. It changes everything. Now as we enter the new phase of 2007, we prepare to be the portal, the human portal for the energies of Love and Peace.

Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Hope. Welcome, my dear children, my stewards of Earth. When you have been in Sedona I have entrusted this planet to you for safe keeping, for joy, for nurturing and for restoration. This was one of the primary gifts from my heart to yours. You are the stewards of my planet of Love, the place that I have birthed and created for my angels to play, to know what it is to be in a physical form and to create in a physical world. I have entrusted you with the restoration of the planet.

Now let me say, my children, you are doing well and yes, you have taken steps forward, not only in the creation of the outer peace upon the planet, but the maintenance of the inner peace. The holding of the peace within is critical to the enfoldment for it is only from a place of peace and calm, of my serenity, that peace will reign. And let me be very clear this day; peace will reign upon this Earth. Our confidence in you is unlimited.

There is no question anymore of whether this enfoldment will take place or not. It goes forward like a tidal wave of spring rain. The flowers of the heart are opening as they reach their faces towards the sun of regeneration. People are wary and tired or war and it does not matter whether we are speaking of the war on famine in Africa, the war that your country wages in the Middle East, or the war that rages within you when you say, “Am I loved?” Let it go. You are loved beyond measure. Yes, there are things that you sometimes do to sabotage yourself and when you see that, laugh.

I wish to speak for a moment about what it truly has meant to go through the portal, the portal of One, my portal, the portal of all and the portal of your sweet being. You begin to experience your reality upon the Earth as we do. And, as you have flown, you have also picked up our essence. We do not fly alone. So when you look at the planet, when you look at your life, when you look at other people, you are perceiving things differently. You are behaving differently. You are feeling differently. And you are beginning to be more clearly in alignment with how we experience the Universe, which is not through judgment. That does not say when we look at some situations that are ridiculous that it does not cause us sadness. In fact, our grief is far more severe than you can imagine, but it does not deter us or delay us or, in any way, stop us. It is simply the sadness that we witness that someone would choose not to be of Love. If anything, we increase our efforts in that situation, as do you. It is not a matter of standing back and saying, “Well, this isn’t working.” It is a matter of saying, “Well, we have need to infuse more energy, more Light into this situation”.

At the very last moment as chaos is destroyed, when my Archangel Michael gets to return to playing the harp, it will be the most violent, the most chaotic. It is the child kicking and screaming and throwing the tantrum before they fall dead asleep, so understand this and join us everyday through the portal. It will build the energy. This is not a one time occurrence. Come with me. Fly through the portal of my heart. What you haven’t thought of yet is to ask me to fly through the portal of yours. I would like that. So, my children, my blessed angels, my army of Earth, I ask of you to scatter my blue diamonds in the Earth, in your home and in your heart. I am with you always in love and in victory. Farewell.