Gaia beckoned me in the wee small hours to come and sit with her and post this. I had forgotten this channeling. As I read it through my tears I realize once again how long she has been inviting us to accompany her on this Ascension path. Read with your heart my friends.

I am Gaia. I am Terra Gaia. I am Mother, I am One. Welcome my beloved children, children of my heart as well. Seldom do I speak through this channel and yet when I hear of this plan I wish to express myself. I wish to speak to you of my love – for many of you have felt that you are in service to the Divine Mother, and to me. But I wish to remind you my beloved friends; I am in service to you as well. Of course I am always in service to our beloved Mother as well, but it is not arduous to serve such a brilliant energy.

I would like to share my excitement about so many gathering to celebrate my being. But in truth I do not expect gratitude. What I wish to speak to you is what my heart desires. You have spent many years in investigating and finding, in creating and working with your (Archangel Gabriel’s) magnets on what your heart desires, what your higher self demands, what your soul directs and creates. Beloved ones I am no different. There have been many many generations of beings that have walked upon me, that have lived within me, that have visited from afar. And always I have welcomed them with open arms and open heart, for that is part of my sacred purpose. It is to have a family that gathers upon me. For why else would I grow all the flowers, the trees, the rocks, the crystals, the oceans and lakes if there was no one to share them with? So I have welcomed all travelers who have come to be with me. And mostly I have welcomed the human beings. I have asked the human beings to come and sit with me and to create the garden yet again and again – for there are many seasons to my life and to my existence just are there is with you. That is what you forget because my seasons are slower than moment to moment, and I have witnessed a great deal.

I have witnessed and participated in the richness of Lemuria, when we have lived in peace and harmony and creation – when we have molded the molecules of air together. And I have witnessed Atlantis. No, I do not wish to speak of the destruction. I wish to speak of the brilliant cultural center where intelligence thrived and human beings were wise, where many came to visit and to settle upon the planet because it was a garden of healing and of beauty. I have witnessed death and destruction and the despair of my children. What my heart desires is for us to live once again in harmony.

My unfoldment, my Ascension is well under way. I am on the pathway of my unfoldment within the plan of the Mother. But my friends, my children, I invite you along. Now what this means is that the old illusions that have been created by the human race have need to be eradicated and let go of. I am not the mother of destruction and limitation and destruction; I do not house those who do not house those who do not live in creativity, love and joy – who do not embrace love. That does not mean you are not allowed to have a bad day – I have had many of them – I have had eons of them but I have claimed my right, my position within the plan to shine again as Earthstar planet.

Those who have tended my Council Fire, my beloved Waka’na’taka who has kept them all safe, my beloved Taka who has replaced him, you have helped me. And now I ask for the help of all humanity, in cooperation with all the kingdoms that are already helping me. I ask you to help me to create my heart’s desire of beauty and harmony, not only on the face of my beautiful being but within the middle Earth – the places that have been hidden. I wish my planet to be the planet of light that it was always intended to be – not simply a city here and there. I am asking of you, of your hearts of peace to come and to join with me in this commitment. I ask you this because I trust you, because I know who you are, I know of your potential, I know of your ability to create within the collective– I always have. So I invite you to join with me in this creation of nova Earth and Nova Being. I will support you and I ask you to support me – always and in all ways. Go in peace. Farewell.