St. Patrick steps forward to talk to us about slaying the illusion of enslavement within. This earthy saint speaks to us of the importance of moving forward and not clinging to the illusion that we are not free to move in the fulfillment of our mission and purpose, and to be the catalysts and creators of change upon the planet.

Greetings I am Patrick. I am pleased to step forward this day. I do not distain the word of saint, but my friends I feel that it does not fully apply to me. I am simply not in the same league as St. Michael, St. Mary or my dear friend St. Joseph. But I am pleased that so many have thought fondly enough of me to give me this designation. But I wish this day and for all days throughout your lifetime for you to simply think of me as your friend Pat, who has walked the Earth as you do.

I have asked to step forward this day to talk to you a little bit about my life. What is the purpose of this biographical information except to share in teaching; to share in the perspective of what has comes to pass in life. I was but a simple boy. I did not come from richness. I was always one of St. Germain’s and eventually I found him and joined his armada of healers, as many of you do this day. I thought of myself more as a teacher and a healer than a missionary. What I did during that lifetime my friends was to simply follow my guidance; to follow the guidance that I felt in my head and in my heart , and to live as closely as I could to what I believed God had in store for me. There were times of cold and damp but there were many more times of the richness of friendship, the richness of Love, of warm fire and warm food. I did not go to Ireland to convert, to slay the serpent.

Understand what I say to you – initially I went to Ireland as a slave. Like many of you who have lived lives of enslavement, I knew what it was to live without freedom, to do the bidding of others and to not be free to move about as I chose. But even in that I came to love the people and the land. No, not those who had enslaved me, but those who wandered the countryside with me, many of them being in a similar position. So when I found my freedom – when I had the choice, I choose to go back and serve God amongst those people I loved. I felt as if my mission and my purpose upon the planet belonged there. It was not to the exclusion of studying elsewhere and doing the beckoning of what you can think of as the Catholic Church – and what I have thought of as St. Germain – you will come to understand this one day.

Why do I speak this way to you? Because my friends many of you have felt enslaved in this lifetime. You have felt enslaved by roles and responsibilities, and by false ideas of who you are. You believe that you are held in constriction and you are not. You are absolutely free to follow your mission and purpose wherever it leads you. And yes at times it may mean that you miss a meal or that you suffer with the tragedy of your own being – but you suffer because you create the suffering. What it does is to create a temperamental feeling that you do not wish to struggle any more so you slay the serpent of your own making. Understand that what many of you think of as the snake, as the serpent, as Lucifer, as evil is only the illusion that you have grappled with and embraced into the core of your being. So what I would encourage you to do is to slay the serpent within and free yourself from this illusion of bondage that you have clung to so dearly. You are free to come and go – that is the gift of your countries and nations. You do not live any longer in enslavement so why would you choose to live that way? It is not under law, it is by choice. You hold yourself in bondage hoping for the blessings of gold; that God will smile upon you and shower you with His abundance. But He has already done so. My friends, He gave you His most precious possession, His dearly beloved Son. The Mother gave you herself. The sacred Family has shown you how to live in freedom and how to walk in mission and purpose and to serve in the way that you choose, and to be with the family, the nation and the people that you love. So do not hold yourself back. Allow yourself to move forward and change what you do not like both within yourself and within your society.

There is much talk upon the Earth about the great changes to come – ha (laughter) there has always been much talk of this in Ireland, one of the most sacred places upon the planet. It is already an island and a beacon of Light for many. Let me suggest to you once again that these changes do not come from on high – and whether I am referring to heaven or government it means the same. The changes come from the people. Now, what does this mean? It means that you slay the serpent of illusion and that you live in accordance with the heart and mind and will of God, not of external institutions but of Love. Because in the beginning and in the end, that is all there is.

I find it curious that I have in many ways that I have come to be known as the patron saint of excess (laughter), especially because I have lived in such simplicity. The only excess I would encourage you to indulge in is the excess of freedom to move, to do and to be who you have intended to be in the eyes of God; to fulfill the promise that you have made to the Mother. Stop shilly-shallying around and get going. And if you aren’t sure of which way to go you may turn to your old friend Pat and ask me – I will be glad to provide direction. Go in peace.

Conference Call March 17, 2007