Greetings I am Mother Mary, Universal Mother, Mother Love, Mother of All. Welcome my beloved friends to my garden – to the garden of my heart and to the garden of my creation. I wish to speak to each one of you about my plan of unfoldment, for understand this particular plan of unfoldment for Earth, for Terra Gaia, has been in process for millennia, for eons, thousands of your years. So I wish very briefly, my beloved ones, to take you back to what I was thinking of, and I use this term very specifically. For understand I am the Mother of Creation and in our instance, in our collective energy, thought, directed thought, what you think of as intent, for us there is no difference between thought, heart, mind, feeling – the thought was born that I wished to have the perfect place for my entire Legion of Light to play – the entire angelic realm.

After, what we shall call “the incident” with my beloved son Lucifer, and the ensuing bringing home of the lost ones, the fallen angels, it brought home very clearly that there was need for diversity, for choices, for play, for places for my angels to explore, and flex their muscles and wings. Now over the eons I have created many universes, and understand I continue to do so – but I wished to also have a place that was diverse enough for them to have the experience of physicality, of being their sacred enlightened sacred self but inhabiting physical forms. So I ask one of my Mightiest Archangels to inhabit a form, to take on a physical presence that would engender the creation and the reflection of my heart. This mighty one is known as Gaia – she is the jewel in my crown. Her loyalty and her honoring of me in this undertaking has been nothing short of miraculous – and it speaks to her strength, her Love and her commitment.

I created the diversity of kingdoms, of many races, of crystals, of stones, of plants, of trees, of flowers, of water and air – oh yes that is a kingdom. Many many forms. And then what I did, because it other creation we had witnessed that there were times when conflict arose between what we would think of as species, of kingdoms, of life forms, I asked for the human beings to come forth. Now this was not simply an instantaneous creation – it was well thought out. Many of my fallen angels came to Earth – and have again and again in order to ensure that this sense of division, of separation would not occur again. I sent some of my Mighty Ones to protect this beloved Terra Gaia, to act as custodians. They assumed human form. So there were protections and safeguards put in place, so that if and when the ego or the choices that were bestowed upon all species became a point of conflict, there would be safeguards in place to resolve these and that all kingdoms and all life-forms would grow.

Now you are more than aware of the veil that fell upon the human race as they made their choices to revert back to that sense of separation, of lack, of limitation – even though each angel has, and always will be, and is infused with wholeness, with the ability to create in the blink of an eye. This illusion has gone far enough. For many angels have now reached the point that even given the beauty of this planet and diversity of experiences that they are free to choose from that they do not wish to engage in this turmoil, this lower frequency.

Now you as lightholders have come to clean this up – with and for your brothers and sisters of the angelic realm. You do not do this alone – you do it together in physical form and you do it with our assistance. You have been given a multitude of gifts in order to accomplish this task – not in the sense of drudgery of cleaning up an old closet. But in a sense of joy and discovery and re-discovery of what this gift of Gaia was originally about. The biggest piece of this is the restoration of peace and harmony upon this beautiful planet. Never anywhere else have I created such diversity. I have done this so that there would be the choices for the angels to play. That is who you are – and every now and then you look in the mirror and you truly understand this. But that understanding has need to blossom one-million fold in the totality of every fiber and cell so that you are vibrating at the creation level – so that you are vibrating in harmony with terra Gaia, the divas, the plants and animals, and trees the water and air. That is why my beloved St. Germaine asks you continually to write in the water and air. For when you take this into yourself you immediately raise your vibration. Your star brothers and sisters of the stars are sending you many gifts of increased energies – of the Porlana C, of the halion energies – these are also gently penetrating your sense of self, and your core, your physical self as well. Now we are in the present.

I also wish to share with you the plan, for there is much talk of this unfoldment – there is much talk of this period of cosmetic repair of Gaia that ends in 2012 – 2013 – for you know we are not exact in our timing – unlike you who like to look at every minute. But what about thereafter – what is the plan? The plan is the blossoming of Love – it is the physical experience of Love, of holding that energy in a physical form, fully conscious and aware of all parts of yourself – angelic, et, star seed, Lemurian, Atlantian, Wingmaker. It is to have that totality in the body – not only in the field but in the body and not only for human beings but for all beings. It is the richness of the cooperation of community. Understand dear friends, that when I speak of community I speak of the community of terra Gaia, of Nova Earth, the community of all living things – not simply the human beings – that is only the first step. It is the creation period that follows the repair. It is the creation of systems and communities, what you think of as institutions and systems, that are reflective of that Love.

I tell you that when I create it is simply my thought made manifest. You as my angels and as my human beings and as my children have this same ability. So this is what lies ahead. This is what you are working towards; this is what you are engaging in your very core essence. Your soul demands it and you are going forward. This channel has asked me if the plan for this Gaia is to evolve to pure light, like the healers of Tralana or the Halion engineers. It not yet decided. It is entirely possible for the frequency will simply grow and grow and grow. But, why would I eliminate my perfect garden when the light is fully anchored and shining?

So I wanted you to know what the plan is – how we have arrived together as family at this place. So know my beloved ones that when you come together in Sedona you are not simply honoring an inanimate object, you are honoring living thriving cognizant ascended being – an Archangel who has sacrificed herself to serve. Follow her example. Embrace her. Celebrate her. And look in the mirror and see the reflection of her. Go with my love, my honoring, my support. You are treasured. Farewell.