I am Catharine. It is true I do not speak so often, because like you I have had my tongue cut out and have been imprisoned and chastised many times for talking too much, and so I have learned my lesson well. I tease you my bothers and sisters, but I also say to you I too have lived upon your planet and I have walked away from community, from the public places.

I have walked away preferring the animals, the sheep, the privacy of the nunnery, for I found the company of the human race very hard to abide. During those lifetimes, much was accomplished and yet in many ways I missed the point of embracing humanity, of embracing all of humanity in their roughness, in their crude beliefs, in their pain and suffering. Do not be so attached to the inner peace and the connection to All, that you forget who sits next to you in a classroom, on a bus, in a movie theatre, in a church. You did not come to this planet to not participate.

When you have need to escape to the place of peace and quiet, the corridors of your heart and mind, call on me for I will restore you instantly. That is my gift to you. It is the gift of peace and solitude in the middle of the crowd.

Go with my love.