Greetings, I am Sanat Kumara, Master and Keeper of the Universal Laws, and I return this day, my friends, to speak to you of the Law of Purpose for surely you did not think that my lectures were over. The Law of Purpose is very important in your very life and in your sacred form of human being who walks the Earth. The Law of Purpose is the freedom to be in alignment with your sacred self and the embodiment of your sacred self. It is the Universal Law that all adhere to and that all are assisted with throughout all universes and all places and times. Hear what I say; it is applicable to all.

When I have spoken of the Universal Laws, the Laws of attraction, of movement, I do not simply speak of the Universal Laws applicable to Earth. I speak of the Laws for all. I explain to thee how things work. That is why I have taken the time in my courses on creation and co-creation to explain and to show to you that you may go forward with your creations. There is a similar principle upon the Earth that is valued, that is in keeping with the Law of Purpose. It is called your principle of self determination. It is the right of all beings to choose. This is how the Law of Purpose works for myself, for Gabriel, for Sananda, for the Mother, for she has invented this Law.

When you are undertaking something whether it is combing your hair or bringing peace to the planet you need to examine whether it is in alignment, in keeping with your purpose. In order to do this, dear hearts, it is essential, critical, that you understand and anchor, know and embrace, celebrate your sacred purpose of why you exist, why you have chosen this form and a million others time and time again. What is it that you do? What is it that your essence, the ray that you travel upon in your uniqueness? What is it that you choose to do? What is your expression? All creation, all action, all co-creation, all thought, all feeling, all emotion, everything, every speck, subatomic particle of your being has need to be in alignment with this Law of Purpose. Many of you have often wondered why you try to do certain things and they never work, because there is an automatic override by your sacred over-soul to not allow things that are not in alignment with your sacred being.
Yes, it is true that sometimes it is a matter of Divine timing and you have certainly experienced that. But sometimes, dear ones, it is not an alignment with your purpose, your expression of the unfoldment. It is important. It is part of who you are to connect within every fiber of your being and align with that purpose each and every moment of your day. We have given you the litmus test that, and that is does it feel like Joy. If it does not, we advise you not to undertake it. Joy is present when it is in alignment with who you are, with what you have chosen as your expression of Divinity. Do not deny the wholeness and the huge expanse of your purpose. Sometimes there is a tendency, dear friends, to think small, to underestimate what you are truly capable of. Do not be blind to your potential, see what you are doing in the small actions, look at what you are trying to create, and check if it is in alignment with your purpose.

Think of this Law operates as red light green light. When it is in alignment, when it is alignment with the plan and your purpose it is green light the whole way; All will come to assist you. When it is not, that is when you experience sluggishness, not being clear, feeling like there are obstacles, wondering if you are on track. If you do not know your purpose, do not spend one millisecond in judgment or chastisement. Simply sit. All that means is you have not fully explored the corridors of your heart. You have not gone to the places where your own being lives. Go deep within your heart. Go through that pinprick of light to the inside of your heart, to the still point, and read what is written upon the walls there. See what is etched indelible, not ever to be erased. That is your purpose. And then choose how you express it. If you still do not know, turn to me, for I am ever present, and will gladly help you. We all will for you are loved.

Some of you say to me, “Sanat Kumara, why do you bring this to the forefront this day?” Because it is a time of stepping forward, the Light is upon you. We have told you time and again the changes upon the Earth work with you. They come through the people. You are the unfoldment, but only in alignment with who you are. That is what has gone awry with the planet, people have not aligned. As you align, you align for many. Do not step back in fear. Many maladies, many illness, many lethargies, many feelings of depression are because you are not in alignment. Let them go and dream big and know that I am with you in love and gold and radiance always. Go with my blessings. Go with my sacred purpose, which is to keep and to teach Universal Law. Farewell.