Greetings, I am Germaine. I am St. Germaine, master and keeper of the violet flame. I wish to speak to you about our work of anchoring peace, of radical change, with our beloved Archangel Michael. It begins with the intent of healing the heart and I daresay it is the heart of chaos. Let us be melodramatic about this, my friends, for we know the human race loves drama. Let us say we are healing evil. Let us say we are healing lust. Let us say we are healing greed and vile behavior. Let us make it as funny as possible. Let us formulate this intent. Let us formulate the intent to make the heart of humanity as vibrant as a ray of sunshine. And let us take this individually and collectively to the stillness of the heart of One. Let us take the entire planet to the place of unity of the heart of One – this still point of God now. And while they are resting there, let us ask the Father to place my violet flame that he has entrusted to me so long ago within their hearts that the vibrant love of life returns with them.

Let our action be the actions of peace, the words of peace, the reflections of a peaceful nature. Peace is not dull. Peace is freedom. It is the honoring of each being’s right to express, to create without hindrance. It is the acknowledgement of community of One.

We do not try and best each other on this side. We all do everything and we glory in each other’s creations. We support each other. Our hearts are each other’s hearts. That is the action of peace. It is the acknowledgement of the mirror that stands in front of you. Let us do this together as One this day. Let us do this every Sunday evening in our meditation for peace.

I will stand as servant to Michael for he is doing the bidding of the Mother. Will you join me? Thank you. I give you my love. I give you the deep, deep purple of peace. Farewell.