Greetings. I am Jesus Sananda. I am Jeshua, your beloved brother of the magenta ray. I am pleased to step forward this day for I wish to speak about another aspect of going through the portal. Often people have thought, humanity has thought, that going through the portal has meant death and dying – elimination of the physical form. That is not what it means at all, for even when I died upon that cross, that infamous cross, what did I do except grab the sidebars and jump through the portal. Then you saw me later, in my radiant light form free to do as I wished and to serve in ways that have changed the world.”

My friends, I do not ask you in any way, shape or form to abandon your physical form. Quite the contrary. I am asking you to jump into your bodies as you have never done before. Go through that portal, through your heart, and embrace your physical being. Stop ignoring it. Yes, many of you are experiencing aches and pains, exhaustion because your body is being adjusted to hold this vibration of light, of Nova Being. Although you complain bitterly, you have said yes. So simply be gentle and rest. Go with the flow and allow the body to adjust and welcome it.

Now there is another meaning for going through the portal. When you go through the portal of physicality what you are also doing is opening the door that corridor between your cities and the Cities of Light. You want to walk in these Cities of Light to meet your brothers and sisters of crystalline beauty, to join with them and the many races that inhabit these cities. Go through the portal, and as you do, when you come back to this reality, you are bringing that energy and anchoring it in your physicality. You are anchoring the Cities of Light. That is what I am teaching you to do in Sedona. That is what I’ve been working with several of you doing right now. Yes, in North Carolina, in San Diego, in Sedona, in Tallahassee and sacred St. Lucie, it is coming.

I assure you my friends, after waiting eons, you don’t want to miss it. I bring you messages of joy, of laughter, of gladness. Many of you have felt disheartened and said we have tried this so many times, Lord. When will it work? Is this truly the time or am I being foolish? I understand, because I have found myself hung up against the wall, abandoned and destroyed. This is not that lifetime. This is the resurrection of humanity. This is the resurrection of Nova Earth, Nova Being, Nova You.

I have said to you for years, I will walk with you on Earth. Where did you think we would be? It is in the new reality. It is in the new place of love. So I call to you. Clear your hearts and clear your bodies. Let go of the debris and come and walk with me I am waiting.

Go with my love. Farewell.