I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the Laws, of the Universal Laws of which creation is a subset. But we do not get technical with you. In fact if anything we wish you not to be technical. For this is not a course in physics, it is a course in miracles. You say to me Sanat Kumara how can you talk to me about the Law of Elimination and a course on creation and co-creation? I tell you there are times, dear ones, when the debris is so dense so destructive that it has need to be eliminated. It has need to be gone. It does not serve One. And you say how do I know this? Well, for this planet and at this time, let me suggest unto you that usually the Law of Elimination will be used on creations of man.

God does not create, the Universe does not create, and Love does not create in ways which harm and destroy and live in pain. There are patterns, belief systems, illusions, diseases, toxic environments that do nothing but poison and create devastation and pain. Yes, we know we have talked about the value of pain in learning compassion and Love, and we have also talked to you this day about that being ancient history. Now, do not start out large, we do not want The White House disappearing. Start with yourselves. Think of that which has haunted you. Not the fear that you have need to confront and transmute into your best friend, but that which you truly have worked upon. Diligent honesty is required for this exercise. When you have worked on something not only in this lifetime but many, many lifetimes and it has come to haunt you and to bar your progress and in your true heart analysis is neither serving you, your family, your friends, your circle, your community, or your planet the use this tool of elimination. Do not worry that you will go wrong with your magic wand because you will always say if it is for my highest good and the highest good of all.
Now we depart from practice with this Law, we simply ask you to say for your highest good, and leave it at that. Then what you do is you go to your heart and to your stillpoint and you allow the destruction, the elimination to take place. It will feel like a nuclear implosion, you will feel the shock wave, that is how you will know in physicality and in your being that it is taking place. You are not dropping down and expelling it. It is gone in that moment. No there are no ashes, there is no phoenix rising. It is gone. I will guide your hand in this exercise because never before has it been permitted on Earth.

This Council always says to share information far and wide, to let the Love reign true. But be prudent my friends in who you share this with. We are entrusting this to you because we wish you to go forward and we are helping you, we are helping you not just in doing this for you but saying to you you are of age, you can do it too. You are old enough, you are mature enough, you are strong enough, and you are wise enough to know – not to think and not to feel – but to know when this radical choice is required. It is extremely rare, some of you may never use it in this lifetime, but you will carry the information and the knowledge forward henceforth. You will use it in your healing and the rebirthing of the planet. That is the primary use of it. It is to eliminate from the planet the toxins, the disease, the chemicals, the poison your land, your animals, your air and foul your oceans. Most of this has been caused by either conscious or inadvertent actions of mankind, of humanity, of womankind, and therefore it is right and fitting that you will be the ones to eliminate it as well. So that is my undertaking to you. I give you this gift, and I explain this Law in trust.

I would suggest to you before you practice this elimination procedure that you integrate all aspects. Call everybody home. Anchor firmly within yourself. For it is a powerful tool and it requires integration and all energies to be present. Now if you are saying to me Sanat Kumara take care of this. I will also be at your beck and call. But if you are to undertake this through the bilocation process for example, if you are in Africa attending to the many animals who are dying from drought and you wish to eliminate the drought and you know that that is the core issue, and it is. Either send all of your beings to Africa or call them home. And from that place do your process of elimination. Do not send only part of you. You’re not strong enough.

Elimination is far different that transmutation. The Law of Transmutation has need to be applied to many institutions and environments upon Earth. A good example is education.
The core of education was Love. The core is still good. It is desirable and helpful, so what you are doing is you are transmuting you are bringing back and eliminating all the debris, not by the poof but by the cleansing. Bringing it back to the core which was founded on Love and joy and then rebuilding. It is Lao Tzu’s grain of sand that is the luminous pearl. That is the way you may think of it.

Hatred did not start from a place of Love. Therefore it need not be preserved or even transmuted, now in some cases you will find where someone will say oh I hate that, I hate them, I hate Israeli’s, I hate Pakistani’s, I hate black, I hate white, I hate yellow. You will bring them back because truly what they are saying is they hate themselves. You do not wish them to be eliminated. What they are saying is I am so lonely and feel that nobody can or does love me in any race, any society, any country, any planet. Then you will bring them back to that place of longing that started it all. That is why wisdom and knowing is essential in the practice of the Law. You must truly sit and listen, and be.

When you are deciding which method to use, it is part of the formulation of your intent. Now having said that children we are not going to permit you to go awry so you can take that fear and poof it right now. I will give you another way to make this judgment and it is the golden scales I have given you before to use as balance. When you place something on the scale, and it is all on one side and there is nothing that you can discern or fathom to balance it out on the other then go forward and let it go, eliminate it, and start again.

When you are using the Law of Elimination in conjunction with an individual or a group you will know to use it because the individual soul is crying out for help. It is in persistent, impenetrable problems, where the cry for mercy has been heard throughout the entire universe. You are interfering in the nicest way possible, with compassion and Love. Are you changing the course of that individual’s life? Yes. Are you allowing them to move forward into the wholeness of their being? Yes. Do you truly think this is that different than the miracle flower essences that have been gifted? It is not.

Understand, you are not to act as judge. You are to act from your heart, from a place of knowing, of compassion and wisdom. If the full knowing is not present then you do not proceed, you leave it to other realms. Let us be clear, not everyone who is in difficulty, in misery, in disease, in pain is asking for relief. Many have chosen this pathway to teach compassion. You do not rob another of their journey. But if there is something that you can do to help you sweet child of all people always do so. Do not think that you do this alone child. Do not think that you do it external to Creator Force, that is why you always only come from knowing, and from a place of Love, and a place of highest good. And, as we have said, many of you will never use this in your entire life. And some of you will.

When I tell you I am the Keeper of the Laws, I am the policeman. I am the one that travels around and explains the Law, and then makes sure it is adhered to correctly that is why I tell you you cannot go awry. But I do so in the name of one of the Creative Source of the Universe. That is why it is used so rarely. When you use the Law of Elimination, you come from a place of knowledge, and of Love. That is why you do so with Creator and with highest good. As soon as the void is eliminated as soon as that obstacle is gone there is a rush of God energy within that place.

Channeled by Linda Dillon