“I am Sanat Kumara, keeper of the Golden Flame and keeper of The Law. I come this morning to teach you and to talk to you of the Universal Law of balance and the law within and without. You have spoken much of as above, so below and so now I speak to you to know it is also so within and so without. I come to remind you of this. My friends, it is not a matter of deciding who you are, for you have been the essence of who you are forever and it has been entrenched and etched throughout the heavens and Earth and throughout the stars of many galaxies for a very long time. Understand this.”
So what does this have to do with within and without? What we are speaking of this day is the decision that you have made and are making during this time with this Council to step forward and to accept the mantle and the joy of responsibility and the fullness of your mission on Earth. You are the teachers and the messengers, the healers, the pathfinders. You would not be here had you not decided to do this. Yes, even kicking and screaming. And there are many who stayed away and that is also as it had need to be.

When I speak of balance, you do not wish to carry this energy simply within, for it has need for outward expression, for expression without. It is the way of balance and it is the way of wholeness. Do not worry, for hopefully you have given Germaine all your worries and woes. So do not ever worry about what it is exactly you are going to do or how that will look. Simply remain within the stillness of your being and then project and move into action and it will be in divine accordance with mind and will and heart. That is the Law. For when you are in the stillness of your being and the decision within has been made, the projection of action will take place.

When you do not know whether what you are about to do is right or wrong, turn to me or ask Jeshua, “What do you think?” We will answer. Do not think we do not have interest in your individual life and soul and mission. For you are the expressions of God through the expressions of Love. What transpires upon this planet has impact throughout many universes. It depends upon you. We guide, we direct, we teach, we counsel, but the actions, dear one, are yours. So simply know you have decided, you are prepared. You have been given many tools. Even when you knew all you have need of is your heart and hands, we gave you tools, not to depend upon, but to play with; not because you need them to be healer or teacher, but because the humans you interact with also have love of gadgets and it does not matter whether they are sophisticated Internet tools or a simple crystal. Humans love toys and that is particularly true of this country, and you may thank Germaine for that.

Simply know, my friends that I am with you. I am Keeper of the Law. I am not judge and jury, for there is no place in law for judgment, not of self and not of others. I am your assistant. Go and play.