Sanat Kumara speaks to us about the formulation of intent in the process of creation and co-creation. He enlightens us on the balance of partnership of above and below with regard to intent – how our actions and unfoldment are part of the intent of the Masters, and how they are part of our intent. Powerful insight. Sanat Kumara also addresses the issue of integration, and the upheaval that is currently being experienced by so many of us.

Greetings! I am Sanat Kumara, Keeper of the law, the law of Love, the law of the Universe, the laws of your heart. I am pleased to speak to you this night as we began with the formulation of intent.

What I ask of you is to not make and create these Laws into universal mysteries. It is why I have distilled it with the help of many to a formula that is fully understandable, comprehensible to the minds, the body, and the heart. For it our dearest wish, my friends of Earth that you join in this co-creation of your new planet. It is an interesting undertaking, for not only are you the co-creators of this new reality, you are also part of it. That has been the intent of this Universe of the Mother, and of this Council – that you participate, fully and completely in this creation. Each one of you have come from very different corners of the Universe and planet to do this. Each one with unique expressions of your personal miracle. Never have I looked into a heart and it does not matter whether it is your heart of the heart of All that I do not see a smile or adventure, a desire and wish, for that is part of the unfoldment, the evolution, the ongoing creation of All.

Your expression of divinity has never been limited but the false grids of humanity have been heavy. The illusions have been thick, but my brothers and sisters you have shed them, and your heart is open. I ask you to join with me, first in the creation of your heart’s desire. Do not worry about the Universe or the planet. I am asking you this night to start with yourself. For this is transmitted throughout time and space, the wavelengths of the grid, and it penetrates the hearts of your brothers and sisters, throughout all time and all space.

Some of you have been experiencing great difficulty as you have integrated all aspects, all markers deep within your heart and deep within yourself. You have seen parts of yourself that you have not recognized, and you have not witnessed for a long time, and you say, what is that and what is going on? It is your soul intent to bring all parts of your being, your essence, your soul design and the aspects that have fulfilled parts of this design home to be reintegrated. There are parts of you that have been in service to the Mother/Father/One, for eons. Now, I wish you to think for a moment, if you were sent to the wilds of Afghanistan to hold the light of peace, and you were left there for centuries. You might be a little disheveled, why, you might even be irritable. You might wish to cross your arms and say, it’s about time. So, welcome your essence back, and understand the grumpier parts are often your markers, and your markers are simply parts of you, not the wholeness of your being that you sent off on brief mission to do very specific things, and then forgot about it. You are growing. All of this reintegration is part of your intent to create, to bring back the wholeness of who you are, and it is from this place of solidarity of unification that you will go forward. So, know this.

Now, let us speak of that intent. For we have spoken this night about how you are part of our intent. Understand that we are also part of yours. A long time ago you said to me, Sanat Kumara, I will go to Earth, but I do not intend to go alone. So, I will go, but when the time comes, give me a gentle reminder. Do not leave me like my markers out there, wondering what the heck is going on. We are in sacred union, in partnership. I am Master and Keeper of the Law, and I am your dearest friend. I do not wish to be separated from you. I will walk within you, I walk with you, I will walk behind you. We will fly. Do not shut me out. For it is my sacred mission on behalf of All to help you remember. You are my golden flame. You are my beloved one. You are the courageous one. You have said, I will go again, and some of you have done so because you love this planet, and some of you have done so because you have been asked, but all of you have done so because of your love for the Mother. You have come because of your belief and intent that Love will rein on this planet, that peace will survive and thrive on this planet. Your lifetime, here and now, is your action. You will refine it, you will direct it, and you are already half way there.

Intent is the feeling of your heart, it may be a prayer and it may be a whoop, it may be a cry of joy or a cry for help. It is all the same, and it is all heard. Now when I have asked you to start with yourself, I did not mean to start out small. Dream big, you are magnificent. The wholeness of your being shines and attracts your brothers and sisters from galaxies near and far. Ascended masters line up at your beckon call. It is because you are loved and honored, and even if you do not know, we know who you are. We invite you; we implore you to play with us. Remember your heritage, the stars and come with us, and when our traveling is done, you will gentle land upon this planet. Bearing not only flowers, but fruit. Thank you.