Greetings, I am Maria of Guadalupe. Welcome my friends. Surely you did not think that you were through with me yet. Have you not noticed that I have extended my time of miracles into next year, into the next decade as well?

I come specifically this day to welcome the teachers, the healers, the channelers and the children of God. I have chosen you as you have chosen me, for in this partnership is the creation of the miracle and, dear one, I do not simply come for a single visit and disappear, or say, “well, you had your chance, or I had mine.”

Often the nature of miracles is endurance. When my beloved Juan Diego would walk by and try to escape me, I would position myself so that he would confront me yet again, and I would encourage him, yet again, to go forward in his mission and in his heart’s purpose.

Too frequently the “after work” is not spoken of. By this I mean, what happens after the miracle has occurred. People get excited about the miracle but fail to look at the outcome – what was the effect of the event. This beloved one, Juan Diego spent the rest of his life simply attending to my shrine for that is what his heart yearned for – for peace, solitude and serenity, and to share the word of the miracle with everyone who came to visit this temple. And do not think that it ended with his life for it did now. Every year millions upon millions come to this temple in what is now Mexico City. They come out of hope, because of the yearning to create their miracle, because of their wish to be blessed. That is the expression of intent. It is not simply a tourist site. It is a sacred pilgrimage.

So I ask each of you this day to make the sacred pilgrimage to your place of miracles, and that is your heart. That is the sacred shrine that I have instilled within you so that you do not need to walk or ride or fly anywhere. You have only need to go to the stillness of your being and with the intent of miracle, to go home. Go home to the stillness of the 13th Octave, and from this place burst upon your world in action. And do not always think of action as business. Follow the example of Juan. Attend the shrine.

There is a tendency in your society — and it is particularly true in the United States of America — to confuse business with service and mission. That is not always so. There is also a tendency to stay busy to keep your mind and your heart at arms length, to not have to look within, and that is very sad. No, not because you have need to release pain, but when you go within you see the beauty and the grace that is yours, that has always been yours.

During my time with this channel, I have dictated to her what the mighty Ones ask on the Sacred Trinity, the meditation of creation and of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Do not forget this. For you are the mighty Phoenix, and it does not matter whether it is from physical devastation, emotional devastation, spiritual devastation; that is the illusion. It is truly the fresh start. It is the new beginning of a new life. It is your chance to create like you have never created before. And that is why I step forward to remind you that in the creation of these miracles, I am with you.

I am your Earthy Mary; and I know the matters of physicality; and I know the joy. Turn to me, my brothers and sisters, as you turn to your mission, as you turn to your shrine, for I am with you. I am with you in all things for you are my children. I will not leave my children alone and penniless, homeless and frightened. You say to me, “Mother, where will I see you.” And I say, “turn to the person next to you and look at each other in the eyes, and this is where you will see me for I am in all.”

Go in peace. Farewell.