In our last Saturday conference call, Archangel Gabrielle encouraged us to expand our Sunday evening peace meditation to include the upcoming elections. A deep reminder of our role in the Unfoldemnt of peace on Earth, and our reasons for being here in the first place.

Greetings. I am Susana Michaela Gabrielle; Lilly of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One. Welcome to this Council and to this circle of Love, of One, of unity, connectedness and balance. Welcome home my friends. I wish to speak to you this day of peace. For peace is the inner knowing, the knowledge, the wisdom of the unfoldment of the plan and your place within it.

And you say to me, “Gabrielle, sometimes I do not even know if there is a plan for I look around this planet and I see the chaos. I do not see a peaceful unfoldment of Love. I do not see my brothers and sisters of Earth embracing a new form.” I say to you my children — yes, it is what you have heard me say many times, that peace begins at home and it is the home of your heart. It is the installation, the anchoring of peace, serenity, calm, deep within your core, giving the chaos away to the blessed Mother, the Father, the One; that it does reside within you, for it is from this place of peace that you are able to proceed and allow the chaos to calm. Peace is not granted from the outside. It does not come by decree of government. You have learned this time and again. It comes from you the people. You bless this planet, each one of you, by conducting your peace meditations on Sunday evenings to calm the winds of war, particularly in Iraq and Iran.

Dear ones, I have a new assignment for you for this peace meditation. I wish for you — each one of you in your hearts — to conduct this peace meditation for your nation and your country, and in particular for this electoral process. There is much controversy. Competition is not a bad thing for that only comes from the judgment of man. Often Michael and I would compete to see who was the strongest, whom can play the harp the best. That is why he is a flutist to this day, because I was the best. And we would tease each other and laugh and the sound would ring throughout heaven and earth, throughout the entire galaxies.

What is competition but play? I have spoken to you time and again, as has Jesus Sananda, your work upon the Earth — the entire point of being spirit in form — is to play, to love. Love is not work. Love is not heavy. Love is not arduous. It is light. It is laughter. And it is play. So I am asking you to instill into this entire process and into the heart of your nation once again – the spirit of fair play, of justice, of deep commitment to Love.

This is the nation St. Germaine, our beloved Master of the Violet Flame, the Keeper of the “I Am”. Now, out of a million galaxies, universes beyond your imagination and the sacred planet of Nova Terra, why would he choose the United States of America to anchor his Violet Flame and his I Am presence? For you know this Master. He is an adventurer. He is a play man. He is a playboy. He is the one who has sat and broke bread and drank wine with you. He anchored this in liberty and freedom and justice, and, a sense of equality, of unity and balance, not for some but for all.

As we the Council of Love have said to you time and again: if you change yourself, you will change the world. If you let go of your anger, your pain, your sorrow, your abandonment, your garbage, then you will change for everybody. This was the dream of Germaine: to establish the nation of freedom and it would change the planet, it would change the galaxy and it would restore the Love in the universe.

Let go of judgment this day, forever, and go to the place of play, of Love, and instill this deep within your own being. Then allow this to spread from you to each and every person in this nation of Love. The peace will emanate from you to the electoral process, and from that to the rest of the world, to Iraq and Iran. This is the land of plenty and there is plenty of Love to go around. It is an unlimited supply. So, those of you who work with supply-side economics know there is no shortage and this Love can express throughout the world as food for children, water for mothers, meaningful participation for all.

Return to your meditation of peace. I wish you to hold this vision as a beautiful, lustrous pearl in the core of your heart. It is the pearl given to you — to all 13ers — by Lao Tzu when he showed you the meaning of balance, that from a grain of sand a thing of beauty may grow. Let the peace grow and from this all will follow.

Hold this vision. Share this meditation with many. And go in peace. Farewell.