Greetings, I am Gabrielle, Lily of Love, Trumpet of Truth, Messenger of One, and I have been very patient, and I have waited to simply bring you my golden radiance, my welcome, my love and my gifts.

In every workshop throughout time, in every gathering throughout time, we have always bestowed upon you a gift and there have been many and they have been magnificent – if I say so myself! I have given you again and again and again my golden heart, my heart of joy and my heart of courage and I am pleased to say each one of you is using it and wearing it proudly. Thank you.

I have given you my golden infinity for the balance, for the flow, and I have placed it in each of your chakras, sometimes you forget and some times you do not, it does not matter, it is there for thee. I have given you my golden band, I have given you my diamond, I have given you many, many gifts, always from my heart. For although I have been honoured time and time again by the Mother to be a messenger to Earth, in many ways I feel this makes me closer to Earth and to the human condition. Many of you think we do not understand what it is to be human and that we certainly do not understand timing. Well, child, you do not understand our timing and you do not always understand our realm.

But now it is joining, the veil is gone, we stand side by side by side, not above and below but next to. So when I reach out and I place the infinity upon thee, I do so as sister, I do so as protector, as lover, as friend and as servant of God. I have the best job. But even in our mighty missions we know of your human hearts and desires, we know of your dreams and we share ours freely with you – the dream of the new tomorrow, the dream of peace on Earth, the anchoring of that reality. It is not simply something that is aeons away in a different universe it is being created together with you day by day by day, and we know your frustration, and you know our patience, and it is very aggravating, is it not?

I come this day to give you a new gift, and I have given you many gifts, with the mighty ones, and on behalf of the Mother and Father but I have never given you a gift in concert with a Master. And this gift is given to you by Sanat Kumara and myself, for I think of myself as one of the guardians of Earth as well, I think of myself because the Mother tells me ‘Go, and take care of that human race’. Our gift to you is the Golden Key, and we ask you to take it freely, and it is the key to creation, it is the key to joy, it is the key to the stillpoint, it is the key to your heart, it is the key to the heart of the universe and of all humanity and we entrust it to you. You are ready. We give this to you with our golden love, with a trust that is born out of the heart of One.

Einstein says sometimes you do not trust yourself, but children, beloved ones, brothers, sisters, parents, we trust you and we know the wisdom that you have learned and remembered and incorporated, and we know that you are determined to go forward wisely, under grace.

So we give you this key. It is also the key to our heart. It is the key to the warehouse of heaven. Go with our love, always and forever we are with you, next to you. Farewell.