An incredibly touching, heartwarming messages from Jesus Sananda that will shift your energy and understanding forever. This channeling was the opening greeting during the recent COL initiation of the 13th Octave teachers but its import is applicable to all of us. It is our humorous brother Jesus who speaks to us of why we are here and what this human journey is really all about. The article is long but worth every second.

Greetings, I am Jesus Sananda. I come to you this day as Jeshua, your brother of the soul who has walked so often with you. For there is a misconception that Masters do not incarnate, as many of us have time and again, usually for reasons of service. I come to speak to you of this.

Service has the same connotation on Earth as Sirius (serious) does. Sirius, our planet of play, of the dolphin way, library of the whales, home of the dog — that through human interpretation came to mean dour, heavy, taking yourself for god, forgetting how to play, feelings of self-importance, collecting information — when all Sirius meant was play. The same way Venus means love and Electra means blue, these are words of universal language, symbols that your sister helps you remember, signs that come forward. So when I speak to you this day of service, I speak to you of the sheer joy of being alive.

There are times in this existence that each one of you has felt, “I am here to be of service and I will trudge on. Yes, Father/Mother, I will do your bidding and I will do your service,” thinking that it is a burden that you carry on your shoulders. And then you point to me and say, “look at him. He came and did his service and he had to carry a cross and die, they persecuted him and he didn’t even get paid.” So yes, when my Mother said to me, “will you go to earth and help people remember,” I said, “sure, I will go. I will embrace the life of a man.” No, I will not forget who I am for that is mastery, it is simply remembering. I do not mean to remember the transcript of each and every life; I mean the deep heart remembering of the essence of who you are. That is truly the service that you bring to Earth. It is the remembering. It is embracing your spirit in form and living your life fully. That is your service.

Each one of you has chosen how you will express this service, how you will express this joy of being in form as teacher, as healer, as channel, as wife, as husband, as mother, as father, as friend. But let me tell you, my bothers and sisters, when I talk to you, and when I talked you into coming back, I did not say, “let us go suffer and die in misery.” I said to you, “let us go play.”

There is a density upon this planet that has grown and grown and taken on a life of its own: a human creation, for this is the most powerful creator race in many, many galaxies. You did not come to suffer. You came to be and hold the light of God in physical form, to be the voice, the mind, the will, the actions and the life of who you are, which is One.

Your service is breathing. Your service is waking up in the morning and being glad of being alive and of who you are. It is being absolutely in the moment. Yes, there is another component: it is being entwined with others. That is why I use this word very specifically in my merger with you. Entwined is service. It means embracing, putting your hands into another. That is why you do two fingers to the heart. You are not simply touching a person’s chest. You are entwining their heart, weaving and joining with them. That is service. We could replace the term service with play and you would get more clearly the idea of what I am speaking about. It is not drudgery, it is not work. It is what brings sheer joy to you.

Have there been creations of hardship, of darkness, of denseness? Yes. And that is when you turn to each other and say, let us go together and diffuse this through laughter and joy.

Are there moments of heartbreak? Yes. You are in a human form. You are M&Ms, masters in the making, and in that mastery you will find your ability, not to ignore the pain and suffering on your planet for that is why you have compassion, that is why you have hope, that is why you have the gift of fortitude — it is to break through all of that to get to the smile. Think of yourself as a service person, someone who is a repairman. You are their “heart and smile” repairperson. That is what you do. It does not matter how you go about it other than extending yourself to others.

Ah, you say, “I knew it, Jeshua, there’s a trick.” You do not live in a void. You did not choose to go into the void. You chose to come to planet Earth to restore Love. That is the plan. That is your purpose. It is your purpose only because it is an exact mirror of who you are. If you were not of Joy you would not care, you would not be affected; it would make no difference. The pain and suffering of others would not touch your heart. Heartbreak would not occur. But you came to live in community and interaction with others.

We have sat around and had this conversation before. Just before I departed from your company in one way — not another — many of you turned to me and you said, “well, what’s the point? What is all this work for if it is only to end in defeat and suffering and pain and loss?” And in each one of you there still lurks this feeling of despair at times. I see my old friends turning to me and saying, “well, what was the point?” And when I turn to you, I say, “the point was to keep going, for I am not the sole embodiment of promise, you are. For you are the ones that will go forward and share the Love with your friends and families and neighbors.”

It is a shame so much has been lost. Much of it comes through now, but many of the stories of laughter and love, of the fellowship have been lost and that is what you went forward to share with everybody. It was that there was hope. No, not just hope of redemption, for who really cares about the next life when you are sitting at the table with food? It was hope of Love, of being embraced, and embracing the sweetness of your own divinity, not only shining through but being allowed to shine through by yourself and by others.

Many of you have been fearful about that. Yes, you have been tried, found guilty, tortured, maimed, murdered for that belief and for that shining through. But that is a memory. It is still your purpose to allow yourself to shine through, and you do not do that in solitary confinement. You do not do that sitting by yourself. You do it by sharing this hope and joy of who you really are with another and then another and another and another.

Each of you has had the experience of meeting your true love, of someone you cherished, and saying to somebody else, “you won’t believe, I met somebody and they are so wonderful. They are filled with light and they make me laugh and my heart is expanding and I feel whole when I am with them.” I remember boring each of you to death talking about Mary (Magdalene), but I was never bored. Think of having that feeling, that knowing, of your self each and every moment of every day. It is not boastful for you do not need to speak of it in that way, but that energy, that brightness will shine through.

So when you turn to me and you say, “Jeshua, what should I do? What is my service? How am I to go about my role in the fulfillment of the Mother’s plan?” I say to you go play. That is why so many of you are being freed up and that is why after you have been freed up, so many of you are realizing that what you really love to play at is your sacred work.

Do what brings you joy. It is so simple. And in that, you do your service.

Is this clear?

Yes, there will be times when you are hit with that four-by-four and you will turn to me and you will say, “well, Jeshua, this does not feel like joy. This feels like crucifixion. It feels like pain, anguish, suffering, grief and loss.” And it would be foolish and not honest for me to deny this for that is also part of the journey of destroying human illusion. So there are moments of devastation and there are moments when you say, “I don’t know if I can go on and I don’t know if I wish to do this anymore.” When that happens, go within your heart and feel my presence, and this entire Council, with you.

Know that within my heart, within your heart, there still lies the Love and the joy. You do not need to do anything other than simply breathe. Allow this feeling of despair to pass from you until you can grow with the Joy again and embrace it. Do not make denials of what is very obvious and in front of your face. Yes, you can understand it. It will teach you compassion. It will teach you fortitude, but each one of you has had enough of that as well.

When you do not know what to do, stay still. Stay still and go to the spark where I am within you and simply be. But when you cry, know that you cry the tear of millions. And when you laugh, know that you laugh the laugh of God. It will reverberate throughout the universe. And when you are there again, turn outward and re-engage in your community with your circle and your loved ones.

This is not about living a life free of grief and sorrow and pain and suffering. No. These are not endemic to the planet or to the plan. They are the illusion you are breaking through and clearing for the restoration of Love. But to deny them prolongs them. When you are ready again, go out and play. If it is not play and it is not giving you Joy, then do not do it. It is that simple. If you are eating poison and it is making you sick, then I would suggest you stop. So, play, in community, in interaction with others – this does not unfold alone, it entwines with others.

Now, there is part of me that knows, my dearest friends, that I am preaching to the choir for you have already said, “yes, we will do the pain and the suffering and the laughter, and we will live on 12:12, but take us now home to the 13th that we may show that to everyone else.” I’m impressed. And I will tell you why I am impressed: because it is the fulfillment of our promise to each other long ago. It was the promise of hope that we made to each other. I waited, you have waited. Now we come together again in playful victory. We will do this together for there is no greater gift to any universe than to be in the heart of One and to be in form. That is the service that you will share with others. That is the play that you will give. That is the Joy that you will give to yourself and to all of us.

You are ready. You have been called and you have answered. It is a time of change, dramatic change. But it does not come from Wall Street or from the White House. I tell you once again, it comes, my brothers and sisters, from you. The emperor hasn’t worn clothes in a very long time and it is the funniest thing to watch. So laugh, recognize it and share the glee, share the joke and go forward. Farewell.