I am Sanat Kumara, and I come to speak of the Law. It is never a matter of obedience or adherence to the Universal Laws, for they simply are. I come, that you will understand the meaning of what you create in this day, in this hour; for each of you are masters and creators of your own universe. As I have watched this world and this universe change, evolve and transmute, I have been pleased. It is as it will be. My children, you are creating your planet.

You have always known this, since the moment of inception, inception of this being, Earth, planet of green and blue. You have created below what is above. You have followed the dictums of balance. Do not think that you are not creating your own life as well. For eons you have practiced this art (of creation), and now you are practicing the art of anchoring. For each of you has been an anchor in many regimes, many dimensions, and many lives, many planets, many existences, many experiments. You will change what is beyond, for it is truly an evolutionary process, not static, not fixed. It is not time or space and it does grow and change, as improbable as that seems. You did not return to this undertaking with a fixed plan, a set agenda. Never could we or would we try to control you. It would be impossible and not desirable. You have said, “Let us go play, let us create this planet of beauty and love.” You have asked how you hear your Guardians. Understand, they surround you as friends, as helpers, as assistants, making suggestions, but you are creating this planet of joy. It is the circle and it is the Law that which you give, you will receive ~ to infinity. That which you love is what you will to come to you. That is the Law. Where you focus your energies is what you will magnify and grow. That is why it is time, for your sake, to let go. The time of preparation and completion is over. Do not live in the past, live in tomorrow, live in today where all is at your fingertips. If you wish to live a spiritual life, then do so. Do not focus on wanting, for that places you in a place of need, always wishing to be brought in. Simply do it. There is no barrier. If you wish to be perfection, you are. It is soul recognition. If you wish to be a magnet for abundance in all forms, then do so. Alter your thought patterns; your heart patterns, and that will alter your existence. It is very, very simple. These Laws have not changed. They are immutable. I suggest to you that you follow them.