Both this piece, and the one which follows from Universal Mother Mary, were channeled as part of the Creation Series of the Miracles workshop in 2003. Both Jesus and Mary ask you to re-read these messages in light of our current undertaking in anchoring Nova Earth and Nova Being.

I am Jesus, Sananda, healer of the magenta ray. Welcome, my rainbow healers, for every ray, every color, every vibration is unique and is all. You are the rainbow rays. You are the ones who have chosen to come as the creator race during the time of awakening.

No, not the awakening of your power to create, to heal, but the time of remembering, that you may do so. There has been much creation on this planet since first I walked and yet there are still the illusions that now die that new life may live. I have told you, my brothers and sisters, many times that healing occurs instantaneously, but it is the compassion for human beings, for your brothers and sisters who are wounded in heart, that you take the time to touch and to nurture, for truly what you do during that period is to say, “You are worth it.” This has been the key issue for humanity for many, many, many, many, many years. It is the recognition of self worth. Many of you have witnessed abuse of power. You have abused power and you have been abused by power, and so the pendulum goes. It is neither here nor there, it is simply boring. So now you come to this stillpoint where you finish this cycle that I have also walked through with you and you begin anew, but it is the human grace that will create. You will be assisted by many above and below, but the creation, the dream of Nova Earth is yours. That is why you are here, not simply to witness mayhem, but to create anew. Go to your heart and begin this day to choose, for that is truly what this life is about. I will return. Farewell.