A powerful explanation by our beloved St. Germaine on the return of the Creator Race – and what that means.

“I am St. Germaine. Well now we get down to work and it is time to play. For my friends you have come back and you have rallied round and you have anchored this octave of being within your conscious bodies and selves. I come again to speak to you of my temple of the violet flame, the place of belonging, your home away from home where we have healed and dined, laughed and cried together. For understand, each of you has had clear memory long ago of our temple on the Island of Temples in Atlantis. You have entered there with me and graced my room with your presence. You have remembered the principle of the school and of my healing and it is multiplication into infinity, for that is the ground rule of all healing and all love. Yes, long ago I have given you E = MC squared and now I tell you that H = HC squared and Healing = Hope to Compassion squared to * and that is the formula for all healing and all recognition on your planet. And there is another equation that I wish to tell you about and that is Healing = Love, for that is the energy of the Universe. It is the power, which guides all.

I have brought to you this day once again an array of tools, of toys, of techniques and then you have brought your own that you may join in the fun. So yes, there is a multiplication effect, but remember the first principle of what I have taught you, you have all you need with your heart and with your hands. You are whole and complete. I have embedded my violet flame within you and it burns brightly. You have done well my brothers and sisters.

There is great need upon this planet to heal and to heal rapidly, to heal in community. It is not healing in isolation, for that would simply perpetrate isolation and separation and that is truly what we are here to heal. So the need is such and the urgency is such that we will give you many tools that the effect will be multiplied again and again and again until there is no choice for healer or recipient except to surrender unto wholeness. We of the Council have talked to you about this at the beginning of time and we will talk to you again at the end when we create another universe and another adventure. It is in the surrender to stillness that creation takes place. It is in the pause, as it is in the nothingness and it is in All.

You are creator race. That is how you are known throughout the intergalactic federation, as a race of master creators. You sit there shocked and awed – well, I was surprised when I first heard it too. You are creators. There are many myths upon this planet and one of them was and is that you are created replica of Source and Creator. That is truth. You have demonstrated time and again your ability to create wonderful things, community and harmony, peace and prosperity, but you have also demonstrated your ability to create illusion and separation—belief systems that do not serve, death and destruction, war and hatred, but it is but a dream, a part of your evolution. Now you are being called, each of you is being called, to step forward alone and to step forward together to create your new world and it is a world based on love, on the ability to exist in form, and to be sheer energy in form. Seldom has this happened in other universes and galaxies. What has occurred when the energy or species has evolved to collective unity of One – when the mind and heart has become One and the energy has become unified as Love, the form has been released. You know this with the halion engineers and the healers of Tralana.

But this creator race is going to create a new form – nova man, a physical form that is the sheer energy of Love. That is your job, your mission. That is your choice, your purpose, your service and that is the only reason you are healers is to expand yourself and everybody on this planet to this place of unification where the uniqueness of the form is absolutely reveled in, in joy to the fullest, and released at will. This planet is a reflection of the diversity of the mind and the will of One. That is why you all look different. It is that wonderful freedom of choice.

So I come once again with my flag and my pendant, my heart, and my essence to join with you. I’m not brave enough to reincarnate. So you are doing this job and I will attend to you and I will guide you and remind you that you are whole, that you are loved and that all is possible, that the illusion and limitation is but a dream. You may live in your form for a thousand years or you may leave it in an instant, the choice is yours. And you have already chosen to stay. I am with you. Farewell.

St. Germaine on The Creator Race – Part 2

I am Germaine. I am St. Germaine, master of the Violet Flame, the violet ray. I come to you today, not as fellow jokester, but as teacher and healer, for you are my students, my friends, and the showers of the way. I come this day to speak to you of creativity, of creation, and of the energy that you carry within yourself that has been gifted to you, not only from me, but from every master and every saint and from the Godhead. It is the gift of creation. The Mother has not birthed an inferior race. She has birthed children of her heart and children of her essence, and that is why you are creators. It has been imbedded within you and the most basic function of all, the ability to reproduce, to procreate; it is profound reminder of your role as creator race. My brothers and sisters of earth and far beyond, it is time for us to create yet again. Long ago we sat in my temple, the Temple of the Violet Flame in Atlantis in the most beautiful paradise on earth. We have reveled and we have celebrated and we have healed many and enjoyed physicality, but as we saw the chaos rise, we decided to allow many to exercise their free will, to follow their path, believing that they would find their way home to their hearts. We did not interfere with their choices and decisions, nor would I suggest that you do so now, but what we did not do, my brothers and sisters, was to create an equal force, a force of creation of love, of compassion and healing that would override and show the light to those who had lost their way. We believed in our hearts, in the honoring of the path of others, and we trusted in the unfoldment of the universe. So we watched as our beloved continent was destroyed; from arrogance yes, but also from our own lack, from our own inertia, from our own unwillingness to accept our role as co-creators upon this planet.

That is why we reestablished this Temple of the Violet Flame today. That is why I guide you. We have told you of the rerun, of the repeat of the scenario of Atlantis at this time, but we will take action this time. Together, hand in hand, in healing heart, we will create Nova Earth, the place where none is left in desolation of darkness believing they are unloved. We will care enough to shine the brightest light into the darkest places, to go to the places of chaos, to endure fortitude, and we will do so because we know we have the support not only of each other, but of all our friends and allies above and below. Your numbers on earth are legion of those who believe in the creation of love, of peace, of a different way of existence. And those who say they do not simply do so because they feel powerless and they do not know any other way to proceed. So instill this day within everybody’s heart, every person, dog, cat, alligator, bird, tree, fish and farm, instill my Violet Flame and let it burn brightly. Let this flame incinerate the old ways that never again will we sit and watch the destruction of that that we love. It is not a matter, my friends, of generator crystals or bombs, it is the destruction of the human spirit that is in danger and that is what you heal. That is the essence of creation that you have been given directly from the heart of the Mother and Father God. I have asked you many times to dream, for it is not enough to sit in reverence and say, “I will heal the planet.” Dream of your new tomorrow, of what you choose to create in your every waking moment from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you go to sleep. Dream your daily reality and dream your earth. Dream your place at this Intergalactic Council for they await you. It is time for you to move freely, not only over earth but amongst the stars. We have traveled in many places, healing many universes, and now we return to earth together to create from our very essence the promise of long ago. You have glimpsed it. You have glimpsed it in your inner eye. You have known and lived in Atlantis. You are created in wholeness this time. I will help you. I will pick up my shovel and my pick and I will chip away at resistance and I will dig you a foxhole that you will feel protected and you will move forward, but not alone. Go with my laughter, my joy. Creation does not take place in sorrow and pain. It jumps out of the silence in joyous recognition of possibility. It leaps into action from the place of nothing. You know this. Each one of you knows this. So when you heal each other this weekend, when you conduct your meditation of peace on Sunday night, instill the Violet Flame into absolutely everything you can think of and then go to the place of stillness. Dream your dream and then Monday morning leap into action. I will be there to catch you. Go in peace. Farewell.