Greetings, I am Germaine. I am your friend, your brother, and your ally. Welcome, human beings, angels! I am your beloved St. Germaine and I come to bring you greetings of love – to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, happy life, happy planet, happy galaxy, happy universe. This is a time of joy, of celebration!

I bring you these greetings on behalf not only of the light of truth of Gabrielle but of the entire Council of Love – so I am honored twice – once by the Council to be their spokesbeing this day, and once by you for allowing me to come and address you in this way.

My beloved friends, my brave ones, my anchors of hope, my healers of humanity and my messengers of love ~ seldom do I suggest to you that you look back, but that is exactly what I suggest to you this day. For many, this period of time that you celebrate as Christmas, as Hanukkah, as New Year, is a time of reflection, contemplation, measurement, and judgment. Well, I am suggesting to you that if you are going to cling to judgment, that you do so in a very different way, for some of you look at it and say, “Oh my, look at what did not happen this year, I did not become the perfect clarity vessel, I did not become a saint, I did not ascend into pure nothingness [laughter], and you judge what you did not achieve, what did not happen. Well, the sky did not open and Yahweh did not descend!”

Well, you are wrong – for the sky has opened and everyone has descended, from Yahweh to the Holy Spirit to Jesus Christ to Lord Kuthumi to Lord Maitreya, St. Theresa, St. Bernadette, Wa’ka’na’taka, Grener, and fleets of beings, and they are all walking with you and celebrating and painting the planet in beautiful colors. I have asked them to use purple, but they have their own choices and they are free to do so – as are you!

Look at what you have painted this past year, my brothers and sisters – look at the joy you have created when you have gathered as one or two when you have laughed and played. Even when you have cried, you have cleansed the Earth with your tears. Much has been accomplished. I come this day as your brother, the human being who knows, to remind you: Yes, there is still war but it lessens, and more than ever before in the history of this planet are there more gathered every single day, and certainly on Sundays, to pray and to bring peace.

You have called forth the earthly Universal Mother, your Lady of Guadalupe, who brings forth the miracles of love to your planet and to your life. This is in no small measure. You have gone forth, each one of you, in your chosen path of work of writing, of healing, and of speaking the truth, of creating.

You say to me, “Oh Germaine, what have I created?” And I suggest to you – whether it is a meal, a home, a dress, a sweatshirt, or a gathering – you have created. I come this day to remind you of all the wondrous things you do each and every day. So take a moment with me of reflection, of looking back at where you were a year ago. Feel the lightness in your heart, the hope. No, I do not ask you to re-embrace the past for it is over. The time of clearing is done and the time of laughter is upon you.

Now, like a weather forecast, I bring you greetings about this upcoming year. My friends, get ready! It is time to be busy – and I do not simply mean in make-work projects, nor clearing and contemplation, meditation. I mean in action, I mean in the doing of your sacred work upon this planet, in the re-creation of yourself and the creation of Nova Earth, in the bringing and healing and light of Nova Man.

And you say to me, “Who is this being Nova Man that you speak of, Germaine?” and I tell you it is you, it is the New You. You were always perfect, but now you are allowing that Divine perfection to shine through not only in the privacy of your own home, my friends, but in public places.

I have told you, and Gabrielle has told you, and Jesus Sananda has told you that we did not wish you to stand on street corners and preach. Well, we have changed our minds! No, we do not want you to preach, that is a waste of time, but we do wish you to go to the public places and declare your truth and who you are. This does not always mean speaking, for speaking sometimes is the most mundane exercise of all. When you stand in your clarity, two fingers to the heart of humanity, you are known and recognized, you are celebrated.

When I tell you this is a time of celebration and joy, what do you think we celebrate? This never was the time of Jesus’ birth, it was a time of solstice, a time of rest. Well, forget rest, the time of incubation is over! It is a time, in the denseness of winter, for spring to come forth within you, for summer to blossom and to harvest all the work, all the seeds, all the intention you have planted – not only in this lifetime but in all time.

It is a time when the Divine Feminine is reborn consciously, not only in your society but in the hearts and minds of All. No, not just you who have listened to me this day. This has always been the promise of our Lady. It is a time when the Divine Feminine comes forward in many, many forms. It does not matter whether it is Quan Yin, the Lady of Guadalupe, or our beloved Mary Magdalene who is going to show exactly how to put Divine Feminine into action.

We are excited and we come to share our excitement, our enthusiasm, and our joy with you. You are loved. Yes, we are always harping on about this. Look back! As I crossed the Atlantic, do not think I never looked back. Of course, I also kept my eye on the horizon and I had no choice but to be in the present moment and sail, but every now and then I would look back to peer at the horizon behind me, to see how far I had come. And then I would look forward with anticipation to my next adventure, of the land that would be the land of freedom and hope and liberty. I knew what I was doing, and so do you!

Go with laughter. Share this sacred time with friends, with family, and with us – with this entire Council. Go with our love, our blessings, and our radiance.